YO GABBA GABBA 2014 Tour #Denver Giveaway

YO! Want to get your family and/or friends together because you like to DANCE?!? This Saturday Denver – Yo Gabba Gabba Live! comes to the Paramount Theater and we have FOUR TICKETS to giveaway.

yo gabba gabba tour


Now I have to admit that the biggest Gabba fan in our home is my husband. Actually at the last tour date we went to we brought a singleton friend who is into national and local music scenes. She had a blast. It seems like a lot of adults we know have a keen understanding of how awesome the music is at these shows.


We will be bringing our two boys this time though. I was still pregnant with our second during the last scheduled tour date but he is kind of a rager at live shows so this will be perfect for his 19-month old sensibilities.  Well that I can see him getting silly when Biz Markie takes the stage.

Tickets are still available at Altitude Tickets for the 1:30 and 4:30 shows for this Saturday 15 November. Or you can win a pair here though the form below.  A winner will be drawn Thursday night at midnight and must respond by noon on Friday or another winner will be drawn.  Good luck!!  See you at the show. MUSIC IS AWESOME!

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FTC Disclosure: My family and I are being comped tickets to attend the show in exchange for hosting this giveaway. No other compensation is being exchanged for this post. All opinions are my own.


Veggies 4 Me, Toddler, Garden


This was a week with a few more post-partum restrictions being lifted but I am still being mindful with taking this recovery slow.

I mentioned in the video that I got some great post-partum ego boosting with some adorable shoes.  Check out these Earthies Corsica in the green (or rather a few shades with green).  I am gonna love strutting with my baby this summer in these.  I already know which LBD I plan to wear first with them.


One other fun thing I did this past week was attend the Great Cloth Diaper Change where multiple sites simultaneously changed cloth diapers to attempt a world record.  Our Denver event had about 300 babes being changed with special guests The Baby Guy NYC and The Leaky B@@B.  I got pics with both of them as well as our boys that were changed.

The Leaky B@@B and Kia w/ babes
The Leaky B@@B – she is a sweetheart
TheBabyGuyNYC and Kia w/ babe
Jaime in a big, saggy Rumparooz. I have never seen one of their diapers sag like this… with swagger.

This week is my husband’s birthday and my main priority is to work on our shared home office space and upgrade it for him with a new desk he has been wanting as well as re-organize it with some of the messy neglect that can happen with a new baby in a home.  It is a gift for him but will help me to when I transition to being less restricted with WAHM duties also in June.  Also for this week is our menu plan as well as the garden planning I mentioned in my vlog.

Menu Plan 4/21/13

WiiU Party Recap

Technically I wonder if I have to do any sort of disclaimers since I am not technically the ambassador in the family for Nintendo, my husband is. However I am supportive of what our family gets to partake in and I sincerely feel that video games can be a fun connection activity for any family with moderation including getting outside, eating well together, and being active.

Way back in the summer my husband and I were invited to attend a WiiU experience before the new Nintendo game console launched. I was more into checking out the new balance board active games but to be quite honest I had a better time with Just Dance 4. My husband geeked out over games that were not even titled yet. He was like a kid in a blue neon candy store.

Fast forward to December when we obtained a WiiU unit then this past weekend we were encouraged to invite friends over to have their own WiiU experience in our home. We invited a nice range of kids from 20 months to teens and their parents with delicious Chipotle catering as well as an adult-after party with beer and local pizza catering (thanks Nintendo for footing that bill BTW).

We started with Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land that could be a bit boring for some of the guests since we only had enough controllers for four players. People stayed around to cheer for a while then began to get that wandering look. Me being me and doing these parties like how I see fit and Colorado deciding to have brilliant weather that day encouraged kids not playing at any given time to run outside and explore the yard (which is sizable with a rope swing and bridge over a currently dried irrigation ditch). The boys immediately grabbed sticks and picked character names to fake battle each other and would come back inside to tag in with the video games. It was a nice flow for parents and kids to wander indoors and out to eat and play games for a few hours. Here is my husband battling some kids on Super Mario Bros U.

Wii U Party bo

After a couple of hours we moved to Sing Party and that naturally had a draw to bring some of the kids and adults inside. Hmmmm, kind of like the commercial because it really is fun for all ages. This video is of a ballad but when the LMFAO Party Rock Anthem even our toddler danced, clap, and sang words.

Like my husband said at the WiiU Experience, the controller is pretty light and since we have had it in our home I have been pretty impressed with the versatility from gaming, to viewing movies, to having video chats via WiiU with other console users. The WiiU Deluxe unit retails for $350 and comes with everything to work for you right out of the box including the Nintendo Land game. For my healthy living and green regulars do not be alarmed – I do see this as a complimentary part of the green and/or healthy lifestyle. You just need to find your balance like with everything else. Here is my best example of this, kids running wild outside when not dancing and singing inside.

photo (11)

Disclaimer: I am not a brand ambassador, nor was I paid for this recap. I am simply the lucky lady who married a guy who gets this perk because he has a major case of being Nintendo Enthused and has for most of his life.

Shutterfly again for 2012

Last year I went with Shutterfly for some quick and easy cards and this year am a returning customer. They got me for cards, stickers, and a photo book so far. We do not live close to my husband’s family at all. This used to be the case with my family but my parents miraculously appeared in the last 2 1/2 years to be our neighbors. So I kind of need to share those picture memories with the family back in Indiana. I tossed this together for my father-in-law over the weekend… I really do miss him a stupid amount.

Click here to view this photo book larger

Shutterfly offers exclusive layouts and designs so you can make your photo book just the way you want.

Vday Love and Love of Running

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  What a great day. My husband made me a simple valentine cut from construction paper with the sweetest words written on it – he gets me. We bought a Lorax coloring book for our toddler (20 months) and I made him a strawberry-banana protein smoothie and personalized pancake.

The toddler and I will get our run on today – the sun is shining and there is more snow melt than ice on the roads and streets.  We will have time to pit-pat before I need to take off to get some work done.  In an ode to us pulling out the jogging stroller for the first time in like 2 weeks (a lot of snow here!) here is my top 10 of why I love running…

10. Great excuse to see the sunrise when the world is quiet

9. Nice place to see the seasons changing

8. Place to challenge myself – truly me against me

7. Zero guilt about alcoholic beverages if I have been staying consistent

6. Choice to keep it cheap or blow the bank on fun toys and races

5. Cute clothes

4. Trails – I live right up against the Rocky Mountains

3. Pretty awesome community of peers

2. Strong legs and core are cool

1. GRATITUDE that my body can move like this


Judy Collins and the Fist Bump

This past Monday night the Tattered Cover bookstore was hosting iconic songstress Judy Collins in support of her new book Sweet Judy Blue Eyes.  This night will be memorable for a long time.

You need to understand I grew up with my parents playing folk on vinyl.  Judy Collins’ music has been part of the anthem of my childhood.  My father and I went to hear her talk (and surprisingly serenade the crowd intermittently while she was on the microphone).  She talked about this book and her history contained within the memoir as well as timely topics like Adele’s vocal cord surgery, Lady Gaga’s talent and deserved fame, as well as FCC history regarding how artists are not paid for their contribution to terrestrial air waves.

I was enamoured with her before but can confirm that my respect for her grace, wit, humor, and beauty are cemented after the lovely presentation she did for those in attendance.

My father surprised me and had her sign her autobiography for me after he exchanged some thankful words to her for her body of work.  Then next in the signing line was my son and husband so she could autograph her newest children’s book for Bodhi (When You Wish Upon a Star(.

She was then sweet enough to reach over the table and give my son the obligatory fist bump he offered her.

What a gracious woman.  Thank you Judy for making yourself available to your fans.  And thank you Tattered Cover for hosting authors – you are an awesome independent bookstore.