Diva Dash Done


It was a fun race coming off a HOT and low-energy number of weeks. My strength is definitely there with lifting objects and not being too winded to keep going after. I am looking forward to some FUN races coming up in August and September.

My August will consist of camping and backpacking, yoga (as teacher and student), leading yoga at Mamavation’s Fitcation in L.A., then an 80s Retro Run with Black Girls Run. Let the good times begin!

Tomorrow night I will be a special guest on Mamavation TV to discuss GMO’s and California’s Proposition 37 attempting to have GMO labeling on pre-packaged foods. As a grad student I was allowed to deviate into food supply issues with some projects and dove into this in terms of human health and natural resource management. I am looking forward to the discussion we will have. Join me at 8 PM MST.

My week is going to be pretty chill at home I am hoping. I have one project to be working on for a non-profit but am really wanting to get some organizing finished with this last full week of mercury in retrograde. If things work out I will start my personal training certificate study next week as reward for getting some sh*t done.

The food front is funny these days here. My hubby is still detoxing but blurted out today he is sick of meat. I had to rethink our meal plan. The funny thing is that with his detox and what I have been wanting to eat there have been many meals where the three of us are eating different things, but still eating together.

Have a great week everyone. Please let me know if you have any Prop 37 and/or GMO questions.

prAna Cherry Creek Spotlight + giveaway

I am lucky to live where I do, Colorado is a pretty special place. My husband and I chose this area for a healthy lifestyle that includes activity and access to recreation. It is because of this lifestyle that clothing and recreation companies thrive here. PrAna clothing opened their second Colorado retail location earlier this month in the Cherry Creek area of Denver.  I toured the store and would like to offer my readers an outfit giveaway from this forward-thinking company.

The new Cherry Creek location was built and modeled with the help of local repurposing artist Joe Levy.  The wood above the service counter is from a barn deconstructed from back east, the planters outside the store entrance are a marvel to look at, the fusion of wood and metal reverberate through the location from shelving to wall art to unique lighting by the dressing rooms.

One aspect of the store is the adaptability of the space to serve multiple functions.  The retail space behind the counter converts into a studio where product is moved and walls extend to create a room for yoga and other physical disciplines.  In keeping with the mind for community involvement these classes are made free to the public and taught by qualified instructors.

One community aspect I like of this store is in the management choices.  PrAna chose an employee who has experience in opening stores in the area with a past resume including the opening of the Apple store in the nearby mall.  He is familiar with the neighborhood and looking to continue the prAna direction of involvement with neighbors and like-minded causes.  Later this summer you will see this store be part of Yoga Rocks the Park as well as closer endeavors for the public.  See their June schedule for a glance of what they are up to

The basis of this company is the clothing.  It is meant to be functional for active, mindful people so you will see it on rock climbers, pilates enthusiasts, yogis, and on people just hanging out because it is rather stylish.

I looked mostly at the women’s clothing but believe me, they carry a men’s line too.  My husband actually seems to have a number of articles from prAna including pants he wears to the office as well as his favorite wicking tee for workouts.

The company is looking at their mindful practices with how they deliver an end-product to the consumer.  They are developing more organic cotton products and are working with their overseas production facilities to ensure fair trade practices.

The new prAna store is at 105 Fillmore Street in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver.  I urge you to stroll on in for a free class and to shop to familiarize yourself with this company.  They were also kind enough to offer one my readers an outfit of the Quinn Chakara top and Mackenzie Knicker in any size and color combo of the winner’s choosing.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure – I was not financially compensated for this post but will be receiving a top and pant like the giveaway winner. All opinions expressed here are my own.

GMOs and Your Right to Know

I am proud of my birth state California for their openness to put a mandatory GMO-labeling initiative on their November ballot. I applied to be on a blogger team to bring awareness about this issue to my audience and invite you to apply as well. The team will work with LabelGMOs.org. This issue affects more than California – as a real food supporter in Colorado I stand behind this initiative. This is HUGE! California has the 8th largest economy in the world. If this initiative passes then this could mark the beginning of the end for the ignorance that U.S. consumers have about the prevalence of Genetically Modified Organisms in our food supply. Already steps are being taken for a sister initiative in Oregon.

See a short video from LabelGMOs.org about this initiative.

I write “U.S. consumers” because most of the world is already aware of the unknown risks of engineered food. 40 countries require mandatory labeling including the European Union and China. The risks of engineered foods are unknown so it will still be up to consumers to decide if they want to consume them when they are labeled.

I for one prefer to avoid GMOs for me and my loved ones. I think to basic ecological and evolutionary principles regarding how food has evolved to be a part of our diet. We are not omniscient in thinking we can alter our diet to the genetic level without wondering what it does to us on a genetic (purely genes) or phenotypic (the expression of genes influenced by environment in terms of physical and behavioural traits) level. Unlike evolution that has taken many trials to see if organisms work with our bodies and environment the rate at which GMOs have risen in the marketplace is comparable to sending chaos into the universe and hoping all the trials turn out o.k. Just hoping something does not go wrong is not a risk I want to take for my loved ones.

While I do not think everyone who sees a GMO label will have the same visceral reaction I have about these foods I at least want everyone to have a choice in how much they care about consuming these items. Major food suppliers who create and distribute these organisms are not so ambivalent to see if their customers will be apathetic if they are aware of GMO presence. The biotech industry will be battling this initiative with a well-funded marketing arsenal considering they already have our primary food producers (farmers) on lock down with legal, ruthless tactics. They want consumers to remain unaware or confused about what a GMO or GE (genetically engineered) food is, or to sway the consumer into thinking that knowing about them will only hurt our food supply and cost them a lot of money.

All this initiative would do if passed is provide the consumer with an informed choice about what they are buying. There will be no extra costs, no further intrusion into our homes. Not everyone has to care, but those that do deserve the right to know what is in their food. This state initiative is coming on the heels of the recent FDA decision (March 2012) declaring they needed more time to deliver a ruling on having a federal labeling requirement. Nationally people are supportive of this initiative, it just needs to become law somewhere first. Let California be the first to demand mandatory GMO food labeling.

For the record, the only current way to be sure you do not have GMO food is to grow it yourself and assure your seed is GMO-free, consume certified organic food, or consume certified Non-GMO Project food.

Please consider joining this blogger awareness group

Disclosure Statement – I am not being compensated for this post in any form. I am not being compensated for applying to join this blogging group. As I begin my involvement with this group this is 100% my free will.

Kalso Project Earth Wrap-up

Celebrate Earth Day Everyday… right?
I hope that whatever you did to celebrate last week that you enjoyed yourself. Myself I was locked up on the 4th day of a yoga teaching intensive with a lovely group of women as we got bendy and dove into our teaching philosophies and studies.

Going into Earth Day I was happy in offering my community FREE non-toxic household cleaning workshops and would love to share that information with you.

HERE is the Bodhi Bear Non Toxic Household Cleaning Guide I made and want to share with you if you were not able to make it. It is a six page document and is intended to be double-sided printed then stapled on the center spine if you plan to print it and keep it for a long time. If you download it to pull up on your tech then I hope it makes sense with the structure. I did not label the cover page, inside page (which is blank), or about page which is the last. Please take note of the ingredients and their functions and precautions as the two most important pieces of information as you begin to make your own cleaners.

Thanks to Kalso Earth Shoes (see their Twitter and Facebook channels to thank them for me regarding this opportunity)

I am editing away to get the video content up for you with this project but have a number of things going on so that content may not be up until Tuesday night or Wednesday.

Kalso Project Earth Update Pt. 3

One workshop to go..

Hit me up for the invite for dinner and workshop in the Denver area tomorrow night (bodhibearinfo/gmail)

Thanks to Kalso Earth Shoes (see their Twitter and Facebook channels to thank them for me regarding this opportunity) things are rolling for the non-toxic household cleaner workshops. I am really looking forward to sharing the recipes this week around Earth Day as well as continuing a dialogue about making safer household chemical choices with everyone.




Not much to report besides keeping BUSY with the guide and prepping for the first workshop.

Thanks to Kalso Earth Shoes (see their Twitter and Facebook channels to thank them for me regarding this opportunity) things are rolling for the non-toxic household cleaner workshops. Email me if you would like an invite – bodhibearinfo/gmail . I will be providing demonstrations, guidance, supplies, a booklet with recipes of what we are making, and snacks thanks to Kalso Earth Shoes. Workshops will be starting this week in the Greater Denver Area.