JollyBod – Colorado “natural” skincare review

Full disclosure: I have not been financially compensated to check out this product or promotion. I was sent product to check out and agreed to help out because it is Colorado made, natural, and recommended since it is possibly very aligned with my consumer ethos.

I am doing a giveaway of my favorite JollyBod product that I was sent to test. Check out my instagram post to enter there. Here is my FULL, long, inclusive review of what I was sent. Visit their page to order and look at their discount code to treat yourself or get something for that someone special for Valentine’s Day. They are also doing a nice #jollycupid contest right now about your ideal date to win a fabulous prize. Now to the product line…

Why did I put “natural” in the title? That word is SO HARD to define and regulate in the cosmetics industry. In the case of JollyBod they even use the term “natural fragrances” in their ingredient listings and for those that are not aware when you see “fragrances” you should run with everything that is not regulated in the US. With what I have seen with this line of products I am impressed with what they are trying to package so not fretting. You can communicate with them for full disclosure.

What you do know is that they are petroleum-free (which is also something great for your body and not common with most conventional products) and they are handcrafted in Colorado.

You will see some ingredient listings like tocopherols and look up then realize it is a vitamin E derivative, etc. As a lovely gift or treat for an adult I am fine with what is listed here. My husband is a bit more skeptical but he can have severe eczema so seeing the alcohols are a no-go for him. But as for me I can use everything I was sent with no concern for drying or other health complications. As it is my favorite product is super clean with the ingredient list and extremely moisturizing. YES for dealing with Colorado climate.

And in this time of political, seasonal, and general life silliness I am loving the Body Calming Salt Scrub with lavender and rosemary. I even used a touch on my lips. The lavender was not overpowering and it left me smooth with that scent lightly on my body.

JollyBod produc

All the scents were delightful but some were not for me. Simply personal preference but the ones I like I am really loving.

Head over to my instagram page and enter there for your chance to win a salt scrub. Head over to JollyBod to order some product (and use the discount code JOLLYCUPID). Follow them on their social profiles, as a young company they are reaching out to their customers a good deal there with promotions.

Take care and remember to treat yo’self!


ShiftCon: The Swag and Brands

A month ago I was in Los Angeles for the inaugural ShiftCon EcoWellness Conference.  I was a little occupied as the New Media Manager for the Colorado GMO labeling effort so pretty much got home and was back at work. I barely opened my swag suitcase last night (a month later) to unpack and see what was inside.

The hysterical part is that I also worked with ShiftCon as the speaker coordinator so was in L.A. early then found myself working closely with the swag bags to make sure bloggers had three prepared for them and speakers had one prepared for them. I can easily say my hands touched products in every single bag that people took home with them. That is why opening my suitcase last night was so hysterical because it seemed like ages ago.

I actually left a lot of swag in Los Angeles for my bestie who lives there with her family. I even won a basket at the closing party and left that behind too. What I have displayed here are some of the things I cherry-picked to take back to Colorado with me.

ShiftCon Food Swag
Chosen Foods and Traditional Medicines were kind enough to send products to us at home. Organic Valley, Rudi’s, Nancy’s, Earthbound Farms, and Silk sent us off with coupons for free products which my airline appreciated. Patagonia is going into the provisions business. Yes that is fish. I am thrilled to try the Explore Asian and Enjoy Life products. Other than that I already know I love the Nature’s Path, Color Garden, Teecino, Nutiva, and Natural Grocers bulk foods.
shiftcon personal care copy
The Black Soap is fragrant, I remember that smell from loading the bags. My family is Dr. Bronner silly so love these soaps. I learned about Goddess Garden Organic sunscreen this year (they are local. I love the Miessence distributor (see I am curious about Healthy Hoo Hoo. Natracare comes in handy. I may try Primal Paste (I currently do not use deodorant). Nordic Naturals products rock. And I have major, major love for Earth Mama Angel Baby and was thrilled to finally meet their reps.
shiftcon supplements copy
I was super excited to see the Floradix in the speaker bags (I rely on this since iron issues with my last pregnancy). I love Nordic Naturals and am happy to have these. Boiron rocks and my kids can use this at some point this winter. Symbiotics went nuts with a lot of sample packets I did not display but want to try for me and my kids. I know nothing about Konk or Bye Bye PMS but am curious.
shiftcon cleaning copy
Dr. Bronners gets listed twice because their soaps can be for body or home. I like the idea of e-cloth and the cleaning stones as an alternative to detergents. The lead check can come in handy and everyone should test their homes if you do not already know. I won the ECOS basket at the party but could not fly with that. Molly suds, Planet, and BioKleen handed off some cool products to test. I am most excited to try the sport laundry liquid as I get my sweat quotient back up after my recent broken foot.

Beyond this there were some stellar vendors in the exhibit hall from organizations to businesses. I was happy to see brands that were supporting the GMO labeling effort in Colorado like Stonyfield, Applegate, Rudi’s, and Dr. Bronners. The Boiron vendors gave me some supplements for my foot (it was in an aircast during the conference) and Stonyfield had their Petit Creme that I had been anxious to try. It was sooooo goooood. I cannot wait to get it in the Colorado market.

There was A LOT of swag which gets a little hard for me. I think the greenest thing you can do is be mindful of your resources and not consume many things. I’ll play with these products I brought back and see if anything new works for our family. I left a lot for my friend who has a different consumer ethos for me so I know everything will be used by someone who really appreciates it.

Much love to these brands with so many faves including Earth Mama Angel Baby, Organic Valley, Floradix, Patagonia, Teecino, Boiron and more.

#EarthMama On the Road

I am very, very lucky that my kids are really great when it comes to traveling.  They are great on planes, they are great on the road.  Just because we leave home is no reason to sacrifice high-quality personal products for any of us.  I love Earth Mama Angel Baby when I leave home with or without them because their products multitask as much as I do.

The whole family is accompanying me this long weekend as I am a course manager for about 50 miles of a relay race.  I have a big van of supplies to help my volunteers and runners as well as needing to keep our suite at elevation (8500′-9500′) stocked for my family.

Here is a pretty standard set of goods I am using to travel with the whole family.  When it is just me and I am flying it is usually the Angel Baby Oil (I use this as a facial moisturizer, body moisturizer, and a hair oil if I need some softness and control) and some of their lip balm.  The baby oil is available in 1 oz. size which is easy for TSA carryon convenience. For everyone on this trip it is Nipple Butter, Angel Oil, Body Wash, and Bottom Spray.   When I am in my van cruising the course I will have the Nipple Butter and Bottom Spray on hand for runners who get too much sun or encounter plants on the trails that they may have reactions too. These products multitask for me with beauty routines, my kids and family with their needs, and for endurance athletes who need an extra hand on the course.

photo 2

The Shampoo & Body Wash is so crucial on the road for the boys because of its distinctive scent.   As a standard the boys and I are used to using the Natural Orange Vanilla Scent.  Even though we are not at home this familiar scent helps to keep them in their usual rhythm of nighttime steps and as a cue for when to go to bed.

photo 1


I hope to add some images of athletes on the course getting a little EMAB TLC.  I use it with my endurance training so why not introduce it to others?  To get a feel of alternative uses of Earth Mama Angel Baby products please visit this summary.

FTC disclosure: This is a compensated campaign I am part of with monetary compensation and products provided.  However all opinions are my own. I am a longtime fan of Earth Mama Angel Baby so it may seem hard to find me criticizing their products.

Fitcation ’13 *much gratitude from my heart

It does not happen often enough that I come back from a vacation relaxed.  With all the effort to make reservations, squirrel money away for a trip, then take time away from my busy life I know it is a 50/50 gamble that I will return needing a vacation from my vacation.  Maybe it is in the expectations I set? Maybe it is in not planning well enough? Or maybe it is in not picking the right experience for me?

Paso Robles, CA is insanely fun with girlfriends!
Paso Robles, CA is insanely fun with girlfriends!

I can happily say that I returned from Paso Robles feeling refreshed.  Fitcation was essentially a balanced lifestyle showcase for social media folks featuring this region.  My Fitcation 13 experience was technically a “working vacation” but my “job” as a yoga instructor even filled my cup with joy and enrichment.  See the follow-up visual essay to experience it as fully as you can virtually. Given my three days on the Central Coast I am tending to think  it was hospitality of the region had a great deal to do with my experience.  Our official affiliates provided top-notch consideration as well as merchants who were not even associated with our itinerary, thus did not know who we were.  This even includes the Waterfront Grill in Morro Bay who were kind enough to make an ice bag for an attendee with an injured knee then refuse to take any payment since a few members of our group had stopped there for a snack a little while beforehand.

SIP Certified is a seal I back 100%
SIP Certified is a seal I back 100%

The kind folks at SIP Certified orchestrated most of our adventures.  They are an agricultural sustainability certification non-profit organization.  They align with my values as a mindful consumer and local economy supporter.  When first approached about Fitcation I was hesitant to attend because I was pregnant at the time and knew my infant would be six months old and barely starting solid foods.  However the SIP Certified involvement is what truly drove me and my family’s effort to make my attendance possible.  They are a brand I trust and had already been eagerly engaging with as a consumer.

SIP Certified began over 15 years ago with 13 brands around the Paso Robles area and has since grown to 170+ brands throughout the state of California.  The certification goes beyond organic with true sustainability applying to not only ecological practices but also  business concerns such as continuing education for employees to continually elevate the quality of the workforce. Since SIP Certified’s roots began in San Luis Obispo County, their high density of brands, regional partners, and supporters agreed to host the group I was invited to attend with.  The primary sponsors of the trip who showcased the balanced lifestyle available for those living in and visiting this region were SIP Certified, Travel Paso Robles and Earth Footwear.

Others helped out to host our group including: Visit San Luis Obispo CountyVisit Cambria, Visit SLO, Morro Bay Tourism
We visited and enjoyed products + services from: Pithy LIttle Wine CompanyBrown Butter Cookie CompanyGeneral StoreStudios on the ParkPomar Junction Vineyard and Winery, Fig Good FoodDig, Deep, Play Hard BootcampCastoro CellarsUnlock WinePasolivoHalter RanchHearst CastleRobin’s Restaurant, ME!!!!, Kayak Horizons, Yacht Club in Morro Bay, Eatz, Tolosa Winery

Then there were the abundant goodies in our swag bags.

The Black Teaberry from Earth Footwear was seriously something with my swag. Seriously.
The Black Teaberry from Earth Footwear was seriously something with my swag. Seriously.

I know that this post reads like a NASCAR vehicle zipping past you with stickers covering every inch of the car.  I try to spare you having my blog read like a commercial UNLESS it is for brands and experiences I truly believe in or at least think you will enjoy. So please be patient and consider these names in your mindful consumer experiences or reach out and ask me specific questions about how I rate what they have to offer or ask them if there is something specific.
Finally I have to give a shout out to Leah Segedie and her team of contributors who worked to make this get-away happen for its third year.  There will be no Fitcation 2014 because Leah’s concentration will be on ShiftCon.  This is a new healthy, wellness conference taking place the first weekend in October in Los Angeles, CA.  Here is a good portion of her

Disclosure: The costs of the events and activities for Fitcation were defrayed by sponsors, and the attendees were contractually obligated to write a summary of the experience and also received free swag items. However, the thoughts and opinions I’m sharing in this post are honest and my own.

Camping with wAckY AppLE *review + giveaway

Local (to Colorado). Organic. Philanthropic. Delicious.

This is my best summary of the products Wacky Apple sent me to try out recently and why I admire this company. They are a family-owned, family-operated apple orchard out towards the Western Slope of Colorado. They went into the manufacturing of simple apple products three years ago in response to the need for healthy snacks in our schools. The products are good, like real good. I do not buy much processed foods but was eager when approached by them with the summer coming up and some things about their company that fell in line with my values.

They tugged at my heart-strings with their involvement with the Food Bank of the Rockies by donating about $14K in product. If you read this blog then you know I have massive love for FBR and there is a need for healthy donations like this.

They do not add sugar to their products but use fruit that they produce.

They recommend reusing containers. One of their recommendations is to use them to start seeds for gardening which is a great activity to do with kids.

The products arrived and I decided my husband begged me to make some cookies with the apple sauce ahead of our camping trip to Mesa Verde National Park over Memorial Day weekend.

Peanut Butter and Tahini Cookies with Wacky Apple Applesauce
Peanut Butter and Tahini Cookies with Wacky Apple Applesauce

We also took the Fun Pack with us (the same kind of Fun Pack you can win).

Wacky Apple Snack Pack with juice, sauce, and fruit leather
Wacky Apple Snack Pack with juice, sauce, and fruit leather

Mesa Verde for a few days was awesome with the cliff dwellings and family times outside.

Spruce House cliff dwelling with my guys
Spruce House cliff dwelling with my guys
Toddler Hiking Petroglyph Loop
Toddler Hiking Petroglyph Loop

There were even bears and lions in our campground (tradition of putting kids into warm costumes for chilly CO nights when camping that I started with our first son)

bear cub infant in the a.m. (do not fret about his safety, he is was in a moses basket both nights separate from our sleeping bags)

lion toddler in the a.m.
lion toddler in the a.m.

In between our meals and activity we snacked like crazy – the Wacky Apple came in handy

Wacky Apple Fruit Leather

Wacky Apple Applesauce


The trip was obviously good.  Both boys did great.  I was glad we had the Wacky Apple Snacks because they were really good and an easy source of calories.  The apple sauces were tasty and I appreciate that there is no refined sugar added.  In the juices, leather, and sauce you could actually taste apples.  With so few ingredients all you have to rely on is quality.  I can see our family buying from this company for road trips and camping to make life easy in the future.  The cookies also came out well and were useful on the trails.  I can see having some of the apple sauce on hand in the pantry for cooking and not needing to open up large quantities of sauce for baking.

In my area Wacky Apple is available in King Soopers, Sprouts, and Whole Foods.  However if you would like to win a Fun Pack like the one I have depicted in the picture at our campsite enter and follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget below.


 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Opinons expressed here are my own. I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a Fun Pack to sample.