So Much June Fun!



There is a lot going on these days.  Last week I had my first post-partum run with some of the ladies with my local Black Girls Run chapter.  I am gonna take on a Polar mentee soon – actually a good girlfriend who rocked a 5k recently and wants MORE!!  And I signed up for a big challenge for me, the Venus de Miles century.  I will be working with them and will be posting more details later this week when I get more press release information but for now there is a registration button on the sidebar and I can offer up readers a $5 off registration code bccokia.  I have four months to prepare for a 100-mile all-women bike event.  Wish me luck.

With my vlog I mentioned FITBLOGGIN next week.  Yep, next week.  My part is to wrangle speakers and put together Ignite Fitness.  At this point I cannot even express how ecstatic I am since people are working their butts off to put their best foots forward for the audience.

ignite fitness



This week… Running (3.5, 5, and 6 miles), Dailey Method 3x, swimming 1-2x, bike commuting to the yoga studio and a fun ride, plus strength – functional with TRX.  Eating includes strawberry/watermelon gazpacho, Indian Coleslaw, tofu w/ peanut sauce, hummus, greek salad, spinach salad, eggs, breakfast for dinner, and anything else to clean out the fridge before our trip.


I am looking at my stupid, frenzied week.  Big things today are securing the space for a pre-Fitbloggin meet-up for Denver, submit my final entries for the Go Pro Mountain Games Click competition, finish images for an event I shot last week, and to get a handle on some of the domestic stuff I want done before our PNW trip.  However there are a number of personal notes I owe people.  I plan to get a big jump on thank you notes while on the road next week.  Before that though I am going to push myself to get three care packages out to loved ones this week.  Nothing extravagant but notes of love, cookies, and pictures.  The real essence of heart.  Also an excuse to bake before we are hot in the 90s again.

I am also going to challenge YOU to walk away from email and the digital world and write a love letter to someone including yourself.  A post-it note.  Some IRL gesture that is tangible to show you care.

One last thing – Mamavation is looking for moms for their next campaign. They are transitioning to a more holistic approach to wellness so there is no weight requirement and the campaign will focus on reducing toxin exposure through a partnership with Healthy Child. Consider applying because there are all kinds of perks beyond education for the campaign participants including NaturePedic mattresses for your children.

Camping with wAckY AppLE *review + giveaway

Local (to Colorado). Organic. Philanthropic. Delicious.

This is my best summary of the products Wacky Apple sent me to try out recently and why I admire this company. They are a family-owned, family-operated apple orchard out towards the Western Slope of Colorado. They went into the manufacturing of simple apple products three years ago in response to the need for healthy snacks in our schools. The products are good, like real good. I do not buy much processed foods but was eager when approached by them with the summer coming up and some things about their company that fell in line with my values.

They tugged at my heart-strings with their involvement with the Food Bank of the Rockies by donating about $14K in product. If you read this blog then you know I have massive love for FBR and there is a need for healthy donations like this.

They do not add sugar to their products but use fruit that they produce.

They recommend reusing containers. One of their recommendations is to use them to start seeds for gardening which is a great activity to do with kids.

The products arrived and I decided my husband begged me to make some cookies with the apple sauce ahead of our camping trip to Mesa Verde National Park over Memorial Day weekend.

Peanut Butter and Tahini Cookies with Wacky Apple Applesauce
Peanut Butter and Tahini Cookies with Wacky Apple Applesauce

We also took the Fun Pack with us (the same kind of Fun Pack you can win).

Wacky Apple Snack Pack with juice, sauce, and fruit leather
Wacky Apple Snack Pack with juice, sauce, and fruit leather

Mesa Verde for a few days was awesome with the cliff dwellings and family times outside.

Spruce House cliff dwelling with my guys
Spruce House cliff dwelling with my guys
Toddler Hiking Petroglyph Loop
Toddler Hiking Petroglyph Loop

There were even bears and lions in our campground (tradition of putting kids into warm costumes for chilly CO nights when camping that I started with our first son)

bear cub infant in the a.m. (do not fret about his safety, he is was in a moses basket both nights separate from our sleeping bags)

lion toddler in the a.m.
lion toddler in the a.m.

In between our meals and activity we snacked like crazy – the Wacky Apple came in handy

Wacky Apple Fruit Leather

Wacky Apple Applesauce


The trip was obviously good.  Both boys did great.  I was glad we had the Wacky Apple Snacks because they were really good and an easy source of calories.  The apple sauces were tasty and I appreciate that there is no refined sugar added.  In the juices, leather, and sauce you could actually taste apples.  With so few ingredients all you have to rely on is quality.  I can see our family buying from this company for road trips and camping to make life easy in the future.  The cookies also came out well and were useful on the trails.  I can see having some of the apple sauce on hand in the pantry for cooking and not needing to open up large quantities of sauce for baking.

In my area Wacky Apple is available in King Soopers, Sprouts, and Whole Foods.  However if you would like to win a Fun Pack like the one I have depicted in the picture at our campsite enter and follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget below.


 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Opinons expressed here are my own. I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a Fun Pack to sample.

Veggies 4 Me, Toddler, Garden


This was a week with a few more post-partum restrictions being lifted but I am still being mindful with taking this recovery slow.

I mentioned in the video that I got some great post-partum ego boosting with some adorable shoes.  Check out these Earthies Corsica in the green (or rather a few shades with green).  I am gonna love strutting with my baby this summer in these.  I already know which LBD I plan to wear first with them.


One other fun thing I did this past week was attend the Great Cloth Diaper Change where multiple sites simultaneously changed cloth diapers to attempt a world record.  Our Denver event had about 300 babes being changed with special guests The Baby Guy NYC and The Leaky B@@B.  I got pics with both of them as well as our boys that were changed.

The Leaky B@@B and Kia w/ babes
The Leaky B@@B – she is a sweetheart
TheBabyGuyNYC and Kia w/ babe
Jaime in a big, saggy Rumparooz. I have never seen one of their diapers sag like this… with swagger.

This week is my husband’s birthday and my main priority is to work on our shared home office space and upgrade it for him with a new desk he has been wanting as well as re-organize it with some of the messy neglect that can happen with a new baby in a home.  It is a gift for him but will help me to when I transition to being less restricted with WAHM duties also in June.  Also for this week is our menu plan as well as the garden planning I mentioned in my vlog.

Menu Plan 4/21/13

When You Are Scared of Food Pt. I

I love food. I love to cook.  I do not take all the pictures of every thing I make and you all know I do not post recipes since I am a jazz cooker.  However the way I fuel my body brings me immense satisfaction.  I was fortunate to grow up pretty poor in America with a family that had enough common sense to know that we needed to cook to make our dollar stretch for our health instead of being trapped in a quickly evolving, nutrient-poor food system.  I am thankful to my father for helping me to learn to be savvy in the kitchen from an early age.  Knowing how to cook has been my saving grace with coping with adult-onset food allergies.

I had no known food allergies growing up then about 13 years ago things began to quietly shift.  I did not really notice the lethargy, or sallowing of my skin, however the “episodes” could not escape my attention.  Sometimes immediately after I consumed something, sometimes when I had not eaten anything all day.  The episodes started as breathing or digestive discomfort and eventually turned into not being able to breathe, vomiting, and eventually passing out.  It got to a point that vomiting and passing out became a welcomed sign that I would feel good for a couple of days.

I saw a doctor.  The doctor sent me to a lady bits doctor.  The lady bits doctor suggested I go back to the doctor and see a GI specialist.  The GI specialist dismissed me.  I moved after college and saw another doctor, lady bits doctor, GI specialist, then moved again for grad school with the cycle repeating.  When the 2nd GI specialist in my third location did an MRI, ultrasound, and colonoscopy that yielded no conclusive results he suggested we take out my gallbladder to see if it would help.  Surgery to see if it would help? At the time we could not pinpoint food triggers so it had to be physiological.

I was pulling at straws and doing regular Bikram yoga, acupuncture, anything I could think of. After yoga one night I went to a nearby Whole Foods for the salad bar as dinner.  There was a celiac lecture going on with a chiropractor and I asked if I could sit in the back as I ate.  He sat with me after to talk about my issues and I will never forget his kindness.  I was leaving the country for two months for the tropics with a grad school obligation and he offered to be email support if I had any episodes down there.  However after two months of beans and rice with no issues he figured it was gluten.  To be sure he offered to be a free contact if I wanted an iGe blood test done since results had to go somewhere.  That winter I took the blood draw kit to the school’s health center, they shipped my blood to a lab, and he called me when he got the results.

I was reactive all right… to sugar cane, oats, and coffee.  Sugar cane. Who in the hell is allergic to sugar? We toyed with elimination testing to verify and oh yeah, it was sugar cane.  Now that I knew what was screwing with me for five years you would think I would just avoid it… that is not how many people who have to go on restrictive diets feel at first.  The next few years proved that I was mad, scared, and foolish that I did not have control over what I could eat.  I was mad, scared, and sad over my new circumstance in life.  This is common.

Ain’t No Thang But Time


Still pregnant. Knocking on my EDDs (estimated due date) door pretty soon. And trying not to be a brat about it. With my son I was in labor at 38 weeks and 5 days. Le sigh. I was so sure last week would be the week. I have only frustrated myself in the process. However before you berate me please know I am beyond grateful that I am still healthy and that this baby is still healthy. That above all is the number one priority in this household.39 weeks and change preggo about 15 weeks pregnant Without aches and pains, still with energy – this week I am just going to ignore this bump and play.  Well, not ignore – still take care of myself, but not pay it more attention than it needs.  Walking, yoga, strength-training… etc.  In the final days before new baby we are also getting the kitchen prepped and my husband is being super sweet and enthusiastic about me giving him some lessons in cooking some recipes I think I will want to eat with some frequency after the baby gets here.  Last night I sat on a stool in the kitchen, played on my iDevices, and gave some of my jazz cooking orders until he produced these two dishes.

herbed lentils and veggie frittata on a bed of spinach
herbed lentils and veggie frittata

He also kicked butt with a steel cut oats lesson the day before – complete with apricots and flaxseed.  I think my recipe list is complete (on top of what he learned last pregnancy) with only turkey meatballs to go.  Slow cooker dishes are super easy so that will be just putting items in the pot and turning it on low.

As far as me being me I did write up a post-partum health plan with my hopes of what my body will be doing from April through October of this year.  Note that there are NO WEIGHT GOALS.  I am firmly in the camp that breastfeeding and baby are a priority and that it takes two years for a woman’s body to heal after a baby following the aruyvedic tradition.  Gentle kindness and maximizing joy – basically tenets I strive for even without mommyhood in the picture.

So does anyone have any wholesome slow cooker dishes they go-to when life gets busy? Links will be appreciated.

be healthy – veggie love

I have been considering going back to my more strict veggie ways once this kiddo gets here. I call myself a flexitarian now but feel that has been more meat-based this pregnancy and am getting pretty sick of it. I like my lifestyle ratio being way more vegetarian-based than it has been lately. With that on my mind here is a slideshow of 200 veggie-friendly at some point in their lives (I was for 10 years of mine) set to Dead Prez’s “Be Healthy” **expect some less than clean language during parts of it.

Hmmmm, my week. It had some stress, some joy, some movement, some rest. A beautiful balance of life. I had my glucose-tolerance test and my numbers were fine. I had a follow-up level II ultrasound and the baby is fine. I suppose I am 29 weeks and doing pretty good. It was cold as heck here this weekend and the gym was too packed to want to go near so I hunkered down with some low and long-held yoga asanas and cranked on my lower body. I did not fuel myself as well as I could have with a party I went to on Saturday and some less than intentional eating today but the other days were stellar. Today was more dealing with some soreness and a headache related to some neck tension having me feel off my game. Luckily some p.m. kombucha with quinoa/beans/veggies/salsa has helped to get me back on track.

I see my midwife tomorrow – I see her twice a week now so will weigh in at that time. It will still be cold so there will be no hike for me after my appointment with her like last time. My dad is supposed to go on a snowshoeing trip tomorrow that I anticipate will be canceled with an expected wind chill pushing the temps down to -33 F. Kind of stupid cold the last couple of days.

This week I hope to get outside once it stops being stupid cold, have my gym bag ready with a swim suit/workout bikini I feel comfy in, going for 4 cardio sessions + 2 strength sessions as well as yoga, fuel myself well the rest of the week, and rest enough.

Much love people. Have a fantastic week. Do you meatless monday or make an effort to eat some veggie meals in your life?