JollyBod – Colorado “natural” skincare review

Full disclosure: I have not been financially compensated to check out this product or promotion. I was sent product to check out and agreed to help out because it is Colorado made, natural, and recommended since it is possibly very aligned with my consumer ethos.

I am doing a giveaway of my favorite JollyBod product that I was sent to test. Check out my instagram post to enter there. Here is my FULL, long, inclusive review of what I was sent. Visit their page to order and look at their discount code to treat yourself or get something for that someone special for Valentine’s Day. They are also doing a nice #jollycupid contest right now about your ideal date to win a fabulous prize. Now to the product line…

Why did I put “natural” in the title? That word is SO HARD to define and regulate in the cosmetics industry. In the case of JollyBod they even use the term “natural fragrances” in their ingredient listings and for those that are not aware when you see “fragrances” you should run with everything that is not regulated in the US. With what I have seen with this line of products I am impressed with what they are trying to package so not fretting. You can communicate with them for full disclosure.

What you do know is that they are petroleum-free (which is also something great for your body and not common with most conventional products) and they are handcrafted in Colorado.

You will see some ingredient listings like tocopherols and look up then realize it is a vitamin E derivative, etc. As a lovely gift or treat for an adult I am fine with what is listed here. My husband is a bit more skeptical but he can have severe eczema so seeing the alcohols are a no-go for him. But as for me I can use everything I was sent with no concern for drying or other health complications. As it is my favorite product is super clean with the ingredient list and extremely moisturizing. YES for dealing with Colorado climate.

And in this time of political, seasonal, and general life silliness I am loving the Body Calming Salt Scrub with lavender and rosemary. I even used a touch on my lips. The lavender was not overpowering and it left me smooth with that scent lightly on my body.

JollyBod produc

All the scents were delightful but some were not for me. Simply personal preference but the ones I like I am really loving.

Head over to my instagram page and enter there for your chance to win a salt scrub. Head over to JollyBod to order some product (and use the discount code JOLLYCUPID). Follow them on their social profiles, as a young company they are reaching out to their customers a good deal there with promotions.

Take care and remember to treat yo’self!


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