Title Nine #T9FitFest – Colorado and beyond + giveaway

I was contacted by Title Nine recently to attend a media event ahead of the FitFest about to take place in the Front Range of Colorado for the next three weeks. RSVP for the #T9FitFest my friends – no matter your athletic range.

Denver area #T9FitFest is April 15-16
Denver area #T9FitFest is April 15-16

My first thought was to trash the email because I do not feel like a very worthy athlete right now. I have not been able to be active with the foot still slowly recovering and I have put on a lot of weight with this lengthy process and still breastfeeding. It would have been easy to been busy that night and let this opportunity pass.

Title Nine Fit Fest

Then I thought about it. I have known about Title Nine since it started while I was in junior high – I have known the company to be about empowerment and I would have been a fool not to attend because I felt put off by my physical state. Women of all kinds of shape and activity levels NEED good bras fitted for our bodies.  As I slowly get back to activity Thelma and Louise need to be caged.

My BRAVANGELIST, Cari, at the Cherry Creek store set me up in a fitting room, measured me, then picked out four bras for me to try on. The bras ranged from the work-to-workout variety, something that resembled a lobster bib on my short torso, a bra that I already own, and eventually the five-barbel beauty that I settled on – their Marvel Bra. The barbell-rating system has been a mainstay of Title Nine with 1 barbell being the least amount of support and 5 barbells standing for maximum control on their scale.

Kia and the Marvel Bra

During my bounce test nothing moved as I hopped around on a bounce ball then moved side to side with a hula hoop. Ha! As if I would share those pictures at this time.

The Marvel Bra
The Marvel Bra I ended up choosing.


Here are the dates and times of the FitFest as it travels through Colorado. Contact your store location to RSVP for a time slot with your own bravangelist. This is a great opportunity as the events will have an expanded bra selection beyond the huge bra wall regularly at each location AND you will receive a professional bra fitting with encouraging women who support active communities in our area.

April 8-9, 10am-8 pm
Title Nine Boulder 1801 Pearl Street Boulder

April 15-16, 10am-9 pm
Title Nine Cherry Creek 160 Steele Street Denver

April 22-23, 10am-8 pm
Title Nine Colorado Springs 210 N. Tejon Street Colorado Springs

Now for the fun – Title Nine has been darling enough to extend the courtesy of a Fit Fest appointment to one of my readers that will include a bra for you to take home.  Winner will have 24 hours to respond to my notification email or I will have to choose someone else due to the time sensitivity of this event. Good luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also my friend’s Monika, Kait, and Heather are also hosting this giveaway so head to their sites to increase your chances.

Disclosure – I was not financially compensated for this post. I was provided a bra but opinions are my own. And I really have been a Title Nine fan since they opened.

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  1. I actually went to Nordstrom and had a bra fitting last month. My bras were all driving me crazy and I knew I needed a quality GOOD fitting–they were awesome!

  2. Tali Thomason says: Reply

    I haven’t had a proper bra fitting since about 2006. After going through the whole pregnancy and now in the postpartum cycle I am very due.

  3. I actually just had a bra fitting a few months ago, but they did poorly. They declared me a 40D, and then I ended up leaving with a properly fitting bra in a 36DDD… so clearly some measuring issues there. And now the bra is stretching out already, so I guess I need to keep looking for the best bra spot.

  4. It has been a LONG time since I had a bra fitting, and my bras (daytime and workout) tell the story.

  5. Jennifer Hensley says: Reply

    I’ve never found a sports bra that lasts more than a month. They always hold such great promise… then fail.

    “Hold great promise”… *snicker*

  6. I badly need a new sports bra- I would love to get one fitted!

  7. A few months ago! I realized a few years ago how important it is. But I do need a new sports bra. I love the one you chose

  8. A correctly fitting bra is critical! Especially when working out.

  9. I always chicken out on bra fittings…

    1. Why do you chicken out? And trust that I am not judging since I almost chickened out on the one I had for this bra.

  10. I’m getting married soon, so I recently was fitted for everything under the sun to make sure it all looked right. It’s amazing the difference!

  11. I haven’t ever had a true, proper bra fitting at a store. I sort of just tried on until I found what I think is my size.

  12. I had one many years ago as a VS store but my body has changed so much since then so… it doesn’t really help me now.

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