ShiftCon: The Swag and Brands

A month ago I was in Los Angeles for the inaugural ShiftCon EcoWellness Conference.  I was a little occupied as the New Media Manager for the Colorado GMO labeling effort so pretty much got home and was back at work. I barely opened my swag suitcase last night (a month later) to unpack and see what was inside.

The hysterical part is that I also worked with ShiftCon as the speaker coordinator so was in L.A. early then found myself working closely with the swag bags to make sure bloggers had three prepared for them and speakers had one prepared for them. I can easily say my hands touched products in every single bag that people took home with them. That is why opening my suitcase last night was so hysterical because it seemed like ages ago.

I actually left a lot of swag in Los Angeles for my bestie who lives there with her family. I even won a basket at the closing party and left that behind too. What I have displayed here are some of the things I cherry-picked to take back to Colorado with me.

ShiftCon Food Swag
Chosen Foods and Traditional Medicines were kind enough to send products to us at home. Organic Valley, Rudi’s, Nancy’s, Earthbound Farms, and Silk sent us off with coupons for free products which my airline appreciated. Patagonia is going into the provisions business. Yes that is fish. I am thrilled to try the Explore Asian and Enjoy Life products. Other than that I already know I love the Nature’s Path, Color Garden, Teecino, Nutiva, and Natural Grocers bulk foods.
shiftcon personal care copy
The Black Soap is fragrant, I remember that smell from loading the bags. My family is Dr. Bronner silly so love these soaps. I learned about Goddess Garden Organic sunscreen this year (they are local. I love the Miessence distributor (see I am curious about Healthy Hoo Hoo. Natracare comes in handy. I may try Primal Paste (I currently do not use deodorant). Nordic Naturals products rock. And I have major, major love for Earth Mama Angel Baby and was thrilled to finally meet their reps.
shiftcon supplements copy
I was super excited to see the Floradix in the speaker bags (I rely on this since iron issues with my last pregnancy). I love Nordic Naturals and am happy to have these. Boiron rocks and my kids can use this at some point this winter. Symbiotics went nuts with a lot of sample packets I did not display but want to try for me and my kids. I know nothing about Konk or Bye Bye PMS but am curious.
shiftcon cleaning copy
Dr. Bronners gets listed twice because their soaps can be for body or home. I like the idea of e-cloth and the cleaning stones as an alternative to detergents. The lead check can come in handy and everyone should test their homes if you do not already know. I won the ECOS basket at the party but could not fly with that. Molly suds, Planet, and BioKleen handed off some cool products to test. I am most excited to try the sport laundry liquid as I get my sweat quotient back up after my recent broken foot.

Beyond this there were some stellar vendors in the exhibit hall from organizations to businesses. I was happy to see brands that were supporting the GMO labeling effort in Colorado like Stonyfield, Applegate, Rudi’s, and Dr. Bronners. The Boiron vendors gave me some supplements for my foot (it was in an aircast during the conference) and Stonyfield had their Petit Creme that I had been anxious to try. It was sooooo goooood. I cannot wait to get it in the Colorado market.

There was A LOT of swag which gets a little hard for me. I think the greenest thing you can do is be mindful of your resources and not consume many things. I’ll play with these products I brought back and see if anything new works for our family. I left a lot for my friend who has a different consumer ethos for me so I know everything will be used by someone who really appreciates it.

Much love to these brands with so many faves including Earth Mama Angel Baby, Organic Valley, Floradix, Patagonia, Teecino, Boiron and more.

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