Fairlife Review, Yoga and Denver

A couple of months ago I got to go to a really fun media event sponsored by fairlife purely nutritious milk™ at River Power Yoga. They were expanding into the Denver market and wanted some exposure.  We partnered up to play a bit in the studio…

stacked plank
Stacked Plank with John Luciano
Basic AcroYoga

Then we got to sample Fairlife on its own and mixed in delicious smoothies.  The Avocado, banana, chocolate milk one was easily my favorite because I love avocado and chocolate!

Banana Chocolate Avocado Smoothie
Berry Banana Smoothie
Berry Banana Smoothie

Fairlife is a new line of dairy products on the market. They contain 50% more protein, 50% more calcium, and 50% less sugar than ordinary milks.  The husband and wife duo that created them are a dairy-farming couple looking to deliver a more nutrient dense product to consumers.   This product is available in Denver and Minneapolis with its launch with plans to expand into other markets as time goes on.

Fairlife is not organic but the cows are not treated with rBST growth hormones.  It is also lactose-free as the additional protein and calcium comes from the milk itself while some sugar is removed through the unique filtration and recombination process.

The chocolate milk is pretty delicious and as anyone who reads anything about sports science these days knows that it makes a great recovery drink.

Fairlife is going further into the Denver market and is a main sponsor of a HUGE yoga event in Denver tomorrow for everyone!  Check out the Fitness Fest at Mile High returning to Invesco Field for its second year with Tyrone Beverly and his team.

Come tomorrow for the yoga, fitness, Fairlife, and other vendors and experience of the great events that is keeping Denver strong as a health and wellness leader in the nation.

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  1. We rocked that stacked plank and even threw down some pushups!!!

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