laugh, rinse, sleep, repeat

SLEEP – that is the thing I want most these days.  I did not go to the gym today because I am fighting my kiddo’s cold and was too tired from 3 hours of sleep to lift any heavy weights.

Basically life is good. We are all relatively healthy. I signed up to be on a team for the SoCal Ragnar Relay at the beginning of April. I have a number of races on the horizon. And I am having fun.

Tonight I was on Mamavation TV for their removing the toxicity from our homes with cleaning products. I did this guide a couple of years ago so popped it up for folks.

All right. I’m tired. Night night.

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  1. Loved your comments on the show tonight. Feel better! No sleep is killer.

  2. I’m with you! Sleep is that mystical unicorn I rarely see anymore. I hope you are feeling better and found some sleep.

    The Ragnar looks fun! Have a great time. 🙂

  3. Sleep is a beautiful, elusive thing. Hope you can find it and feel better soon!

    Also…I admire you for signing up for the Ragnar. Very cool!

  4. Love that you included a guide for us. Sad I missed the show that week-I may have to go back and watch while I am on vacation this week

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