9 Months: Stasis

December 27th. This seems fitting to write a post as I am jumping back on the blog wagon.  I kind of predicted or set my year up for my blog to reflect what I thought would happen.  My year has been a year of stasis.  Not just blog inactivity but flying in a holding pattern as some things with my health took over in the cockpit.  My year was essentially focused on being pregnant, recovering from a c-section, then recovering from not being able to metabolize iron. Tonight my youngest will be 9 months old.  On the outside as long as he was on the inside.

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As I finished 2012 I was pregnant and told most folks to back off.  I started the year by living gratitude as much as I could for the possibility that my health or my baby’s health would take priority once he was born.  I actually freaked out a number of friends that wanted to know if there was something I was not telling them.  Nope, just covering my bases in case things did not go as perfectly as I planned.


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As we finish 2013 I am happy I made that decision to not put pressure on myself with obligations or expectations here and elsewhere in my life.  Kai was born 9 months ago via the most unnecessary surgery in my life, a c-section for a surprise breech.  Our recovery was remarkable as we left the hospital 40 hours after we walked in.  However I truly believe the Ayurvedic idea that it takes TWO years to heal from pregnancy and childbirth.  I went into post-partum with patience.


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There are some post-partum joys that did not go so smoothly.  For me it was iron metabolism – my body is now just barely starting to metabolize it again.  Iron has led to fatigue, low milk supply, etc.  I am hoping to continue to see it rise as we go into 2014, especially as I am joining a new performance training center soon.  I am having another iron assessment in February and hoping all is good.

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2013 was a fun year for being a Polar Ambassador.  I had to back off of a lot of physical training but they were patient with me and my gentle post-partum messaging.  I signed up to rep them at a few races and even donned the Polar singlet for a couple of half-marathons and a sprint triathlon.  Going into 2014 I hope to actually train for races, get on the trails a lot more, and enjoy the hell out of my nordic ski pass.  I am loving their new Loop product because for realsies my fitness feels like it is at a minimal baseline.

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In 2013 I enjoyed my Larabar ambassadorship but let it go for 2014.  I was a bit sad that even though I am local I never did any repping with them at local events – even when they had no one to rep at the events for them that I went to.  Instead there would be an empty table and bars.  I still love the product and buy it but I did not feel very useful as an ambassador mostly giving out bars to yoga students when I was out and about so much.

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The best health tidbit for 2013 for me was that my sugar cane allergy was reversed.  This is a huge game-changer and my post-holiday fitness efforts will reflect the newfound food freedom I now experience.

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There ya go.  9 months ago I had our family’s second babe.  We are done.  Maybe in 2014 I can give people here in onlinelandia something besides being a mom to know me as.

There will still be a lot of content about maternal fitness since I have 2 prenatal yoga certs, but I will expand on other types of yoga too, personal training, #realfood enjoyment, stress-less living, and my love for the simplicity of the natural world because we are jacking up the consumer-driven, man-influenced one.

This next year I will see ya around online and IRL in a few places. My 2013 was a year of stasis, but not of regrets.  I am happy I took pressure off myself so I could be gentle with my body and enjoy my loved ones.  I hope to have my priorities in 2014 be just as reflective of how I choose to live my life.


11 thoughts on “9 Months: Stasis”

  1. As you know, I just celebrated my surro-baby being 9 months old too, out as long as she was in. I am glad that you are looking back and reflecting on your year, I need to do the same and then I need to focus on next year being amazing and allow the power of the universe to get me there (I will help too).

    I know your next year will be fabulous, you were meant to do amazing things and you are doing them! It is great to know you 🙂

  2. You are amazing – both as a mom and as yourself. I love your family, your approach to life and love and all that comes with it. You inspire me often and I for one am glad that 2013 included more time to spend with you and yours and for the joy that brought to me and mine. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  3. I am so glad that moving here has brought you into my life. You are an amazing woman and an inspiration. I can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring everyone!

  4. You’ve captured “stasis” in such a beautiful way, especially given how much our culture devalues rest & stillness and lauds fast movement & non-stop-ness. Seems like 2013 was a really beautiful equilibrium for you. I feel blessed to have shared some of those 2013 moments. LOVE YOU!

    1. In my tops of 2013 you are one of the women who held space for me in such a major way. I hope to have more of you in my life for 2014 so I can also hold space for you. Love ya Cali.

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