I Hear the Train A Comin’


Good week. Big highlights were my home birth crew making the home visit. This included my direct entry midwife, the secondary midwife, our friend/doula/toddler wrangler, my father, husband, toddler, and me. Phew… we had to go over logistics in preparation for the idea that the baby can safely be born at home after March 12th through some point in April. I really hope I do not go into April but babies do arrive when they want.

I am no longer regularly teaching yoga classes as of this week – sort of on maternity leave for that. However, with that said I am covering for friends this week in both Boulder and Denver. I feel great though – my focus is on my endurance and strength these days. I am diligent with my heart rate monitor training and pushing my ceiling to see how fast I can recover and drop down at least 10 bpm from that ceiling. Do you see that Polar Ambassador badge on the right? I wear that badge proudly. There are post-partum plans involving Polar products but that is for another post with what I hope is mindful birth recovery and preparing for endurance events.

The next big thing I need to make sure is happening as we work up to delivering this baby is my diet. Now this is gonna sound vain and silly but is a consideration – I need to eat well and regularly because at any given time I can be pushing this baby out soon and do not want to worry about a bloated gut or the poop not coming out regularly. Let’s be real. No one wants that.

Before we fast forward into all that though I get a do-over on my blessingway that was supposed to be last weekend but postponed due to a Denver blizzard that shut everything down. So in a little over 12 hours there will be a party that will most likely be about MEEEEEEEEEEE with some dear ladies who mean a great deal to me. Woohoo! This is a good lesson to stay in the present and not miss the moments we are living in right now.

Have a great week everyone. xoxo

10 thoughts on “I Hear the Train A Comin’”

  1. Seeing that belly makes me want to have another which is impossible so I will live through you :). That is awesome on doing a home birth and I am glad you finally got to have your “ME” day.

  2. I agree with everyone else you are absolutely beautiful! I am so glad that your blessingway was able to be rescheduled, I felt really bad for you. I am so excited for you and your home birth. I SO can’t wait to meet lil bodhibear!

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