Vision Board Party #365yoga

I have been doing vision boards for a few years now and opened up our home yesterday to a small group of friends that I invited via evite over a month ago. I spend December with the waning light going into the winter solstice as a time of reflection of the year and after that developing an action plan for going forward. I encouraged the same of vision board party participants with a couple of emails that included some links to the process.

See this link for basics on vision boards and the law of attraction. Be sure to follow it up with this link about keeping your action plan for these visions realistic and attainable. The super-mega acronym floating around this year has been SMART even though this concept has been around a while. I like vision/action boards that include metrics to pragmatically reach your goals or at least the intention of those.

For our party I tossed out some themes I got from my local Black Girls Run group when they talked about doing their boards. I posted them on a wall for party attendees to ponder.

Personally I choose to do my boards in threes and divide the boards into themes. This year my three themes are Physical (regarding my body and physical space at home), Professional, and Accountability which is a hyper-focus of areas I want to work on that includes financial, relationships, and spiritual being.

After all kinds of reflection in December this is how my themes and areas of focus under sub-headings came out for me. I have been casually going though magazines since late December and yesterday to find images and words that aligned with these categories. The following images are from the construction of my “PHYSICAL” board which includes my body and home space.

The big pile of magazine scraps
Arranging words and images into groups that make sense with my vision
The images and printed words arranged how I want them be affixed on the board
Affixed images then splashed with some color and play
My finished physical board complete with goals like a good cholesterol check for my annual I plan to schedule around my bday and intention to keep my post-partum year slow and mindful including Polar HRM training

My professional and accountability boards are more hand-written with affirmations and specific-goal setting but are also done. One of the big reasons I love doing manila folders is so they can be displayed for you to continually see but also fold up neatly with a paper clip if others you do not want to share with enter your space or if you want your professional one with you at work but it will be unprofessional to display. Here are my three finished boards for 2013.

All three boards. Obviously not as public on this blog as my physical board.

For me this is a very mindful exercise that is a long process including meditation and reflection with the intention to live via right action as best as I can envision it for my immediate future. You do not need to ponder and plan for a month. You can do this in an afternoon with a couple of magazines and a cup of tea. My husband just goes for images then pulls them together to write out his vision then paste.

Find what system works best for you if you choose to do this. Just get a board put together if you choose to act. As always let me know if I can offer any support or advice.


29 thoughts on “Vision Board Party #365yoga”

    1. Laila, I see you being a queen of this type of exercise. I also know you got a lot to offer the world and yourself this upcoming year. xoxo

  1. Wow. Definitely inspired to take the time to sit and focus on goals for the new year. Most of the time I feel so scattered and wish I could focus myself better. Thanks for sharing.

    1. This is a great exercise to pull yourself together from being scattered. Just be prepared to have to sit with the “hard” actions you know you need to be taking to make it effective.

  2. I have never done a vision board before. Thank you so much for sharing. I have to try one now! Can’t wait; I have pinned this post for help and guidance. 🙂

    1. The manila folder thing came to me a few years ago when I realized I had been clipping magazines for weeks and already sticking clipped images inside a folder. When I opened the folder on my desk it seemed like a natural fit.

    1. Hopefully the links I provided are a good intro as you start learning. This concept and all the criticisms around it plus ways to make it better are vast with experts in all kinds of specialist fields who help work on our brain and actions.

  3. Wow! I’ve never heard of vision boarding, but what a powerful way to put meaning behind your goals! I really like the manila folder idea–would never have thought of that. I’ll definitely be working on my vision board this month. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. This exercise can be done anytime. Honestly New Year’s is so arbitrary – just be ready to sit down and do it. Have fun too!

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