Challenges AHOY!

I set one resolution this year – to be more vocal with creative endeavors.

I am not one for orchestrated challenges even though they are amazing tools in an online space that is not always mindful.

I am finding myself engaged in two at this point… rather three online programs.

#1 is a MamaUP! Pregnancy Journey. A 21-day mindful journey about this experience my body is going through preparing to have our 2nd child. Sadly it ends 11 Jan but is something I have needed with the mindful exploration of my body and spirit during this prenatal time. I think of it as the soft cradling this prenatal yoga teacher needs given that I give of this kind of soft cradling to my clients.

#2 is the Apartment Therapy January Cure. It is a one-month facilitated “nesting” program for me. My husband is doing it with me in hopes that we will have a better functioning and more loved physical home at the end of it.

#3 is a #365yoga Challenge led by Nancy of Flying Yogini and Teachasana. She proposes writing 3x/week about our yoga journeys this year and I have to admit… 3x a week. HA! However it is a matter of living your yoga and expressing it for me – I don’t mind this exploration as I live my yoga and allow others to see and experience it. This is going to be a long year of surrender for me with pregnancy, a new baby, and being patient with my physical, professional, and emotional world going forward in the post-partum year.

I am still trying to come up with my word(s) for the year and have not fully wrapped my head around it. For right now I have a vision board party I am hosting this weekend for dear friends that are coming together to provide a support network for one another and I have an iPhone upgrade that I need to set up. Basic things I am trying to do right and not half-ass going forward.

This year I want to be the Japanese iris in art that is graceful in demeanor and action but with the precise form to cut like a samurai sword as well. I plan to stumble a lot in these 362 that are left with an open mind.

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  1. I like the Apartment Therapy idea! I’ve lived in the same place for about 4 years now but it still doesn’t really feel like a “home” to me. :/

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year, full of love and teabags! 😀

  2. What great challenges! I love the idea of treat yourself like you treat your prenatal mamas, who wouldn’t want their home to be more cozy and writing is a great thing to do when you are still recouping from having bean #2. yoga off the mat anyone?

    So glad you are in! Can’t wait to read about your journey this year! p.s. haven’t figured out my words either

  3. I’m doing apartment therapy and Nancy’s challenge too!

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