Actually I am not freaking out that December is here. I am kidding about that. Things feel on track with the time of year it is. Here is our tree and I guess my 23 week belly shot…

We had our ultrasound this past week and there is nothing too remarkable. The baby appears to be in good health. We asked not to be made aware of the sex and the clinic honored our wishes so the gender may not have even been noted in our file. Want to see this baby?

The past few days have been a blur with how much holiday merriment there has been going on. We went to a VIP Blossoms of Light event at the Denver Botanic Gardens on Friday night, received our holiday cards on Saturday, I went to a 1/2 day Buddhism and meditation program on Saturday, we attended a big Denver holiday parade on Saturday, we hiked in to cut down our Christmas tree on Sunday, and we attended a dear friend’s birthday party on Sunday night. This is pretty much what a lot of this month looks like with celebrating life and friends in crazy frequency.

Since I am pregnant I need to work a little harder to stay healthy with a busy schedule on-the-go around a lot of people. Thus frequent hand washing and moisturizing, rest, eating great food (gonna eat much more Paleo and save some carb splurging for holiday events), and regimenting the workouts.

Even though I have not been regimented I suppose I have been active. Going from creek side to up a sheer slope today off-trail was no problem, I had sore pecs the other day from some strength silliness I was up to (planks and weights), and my endurance is holding pretty good with the hike today involving carrying my toddler up and down slopes that were too tricky for him.

Regimenting bit #1. I am in for the popular December Holiday Squat-a-thon Challenge by fitspobook with the local Black Girls Run! Denver group I am a part of. I am doing it with 15’s slowly for resistance training. Squats are perfectly safe if you are in any kind of decent shape as a preggo without having to worry about a breached birth late in your 3rd trimester. I may vary some days with a wider-leg stance to get more up in the firming booty region.

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  1. Hooray for ultrasound pictures and fun events! Glad that things look good with the little one. That’s so awesome that you guys wait to find out. 🙂

  2. You seriously rock Kia. I love your strength and calmess!!! You are looking fabulous and can’t wait to see your little one next year.

  3. Awww, congrats! You are doing so well!

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