snowy hello and 19 weeks


Oh yeah, I am 19 weeks now.  Things are going great (I think).  I have my midwife appointment tomorrow. In all honesty I have finally had an appetite to eat and finally have energy. Now I really need to workout. Since the food is becoming consistent I can go back to the activity being consistent beyond yoga.

This past weekend I had the chance to visit a small conventional dairy farm with my family. Considering my family invests in an organic, raw milk cow share I was pretty thrilled to see another operation with a great farmer at the helm.

I also went to the Skirt Sports Pop-Up shop and warehouse sale. I didn’t shop for me but for a friend who I know is gonna rock out the gear I picked up for her.

I should insert some meal planning in here. I guess I should do some meal planning.

TUES: Roast chicken (inspired by the fantastic salad I had today), sweet potatoes, greens

Have a stellar week everyone. I for one and looking forward to the election being over. I am excited not to have multiple campaign workers coming by everyday. I just hope America makes some good decisions.

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