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When in Baltimore for Fitbloggin’ recently I had the opportunity to attend an offsite event with McCormick Spices. They recently launched a new twitter account @Spices4Health that I recommend to follow for informative content.  What I saw on the tour and talk was pretty impressive with the flavor layering they are doing in an effort to decrease some of the less than healthy additives that go into many mainstream American diets.

First look at the array they had us sample for lunch…

Our day at the facility was divided into a welcome and talk by their researchers, demonstrations of their flavor labs, and then cooking demonstrations of some of the items we tried during lunch.

Most important to what I feel that they are doing with consumers is offering avenues to reduce fat and sodium with simple techniques like blending veggies to make sauces and marinades and layering ingredients to create complex flavors without having to fry with oil or use a lot of sodium.

Roasted Citrus Chicken with Ginger Orange Relish included a marinade, a rub, a relish, and an optional “breaded” coating made from veggies

We left with a number of goodies too and I recently tried their Perfect Pinch Salt Free Fiesta Citrus Seasoning on a version of the zucchini ribbon salad that I fell in love with at the site visit.  It worked really well tossed with some olive oil, white balasamic vinegar, and dill from my garden to accompany the bean and spiced walnut burritos I made for dinner.

Here are several recipes from the McCormick website that seem timely for winter that I am sharing with you.  I should have really made the Oven-Fried Chicken last night because what I ended up making was obvious chicken breast boredom, this would have been much better.

Hearty Beef Stew with Roasted Winter Vegetables sounds delicious and I trust a recipe that acknowledges how roasting veggies can bring out those intense caramelized flavors.

 Tuscan Pasta (that is under $1.75 per serving!!)

And finally, what could say winter better after a cold, outdoor workout (including raking leaves or shoveling snow) than Chicken Chili with Black Beans and Corn

Seriously go check out the McCormick site and especially their recipes.  Follow @Spices4Health and even consider following Chef Mark Garcia who did the ribbon salad demonstration and engages his online audience as well as dietician Dr. Wendy Bazilian (who also engages an online audience).  These resources are fantastic if you are in the beginning stages to overhaul your eating habits to become more healthy or if you are a healthy foodie veteran browsing for some inspiration.

This post was sponsored by McCormick in exchange for a gift card.  This is my FTC disclosure statement.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Love McCormick! I’ve been using that brand, well I grew up with that brand. My Mother cooked with their spices and naturally I use them too. Those dishes look amazingly yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I gotta try the citrus seasoning for the salad. I have a huge variety of meat seasonings by McCormick, but I have some serious lack of variety when it comes to a salad since I don’t use fatty dressings

  3. Yum!! Love McCormick and those meals look fabulous. …though you always post the best food ideas. Now that my garden is closing for the year, I look to dried herbs and seasonings to flavor our foods. I am going to have to play around with some of those combos.

    1. capta$$kicker says: Reply

      I hear ya on the garden going bye-bye for the year. I have pulled the basil, rosemary, and lavender inside and harvested everything else. We got snow last week. The hearty as heck kale is still out there, hoping it goes until early December.

  4. The Tuscan Pasta and Chicken Chili immediately grabbed my attention. I am going to have to try those…and soon!

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