15 weeks and snow

Brrr, the cold came in quick. It is Colorado though so on Friday there was snow everywhere, now it is Monday and I was already playing outside in my shorts. In between I went up into the mountains with the family and took my weekly snapshot

No vlawg this week. So what has been happening in my life? Last week I helped with PodCamp Denver, this weekend I will be heading to WordCamp. And if you visit my blog you know I have a lot of updating to do on it. I have zero plug-ins going. I know how to do that stuff, I know code. I just haven’t been active in tricking out my ride in a while. Anyway the following week I will be traveling to Miami for a Black Midwives and Healers Conference then coming back to Denver for Denver StartUp Week events and photographing Ignite Denver.

This week I have my midwife appointment and I need to confess… I hate the weigh-in aspect of it. I can gain 35-lbs but as a former bulimic (when I was a college athlete) I know I can get silly about the scale. I am trying to stay balanced about this. I had this same fear when I was pregnant with B as well. Meditation and not being a dumba$$ helped out a lot with my previous pregnancy.

The activity… I need to regiment. That is all I can say. As I am backing off of the running I need to ramp up the strength and swimming. This week I need to make it to the rec center at least twice if the weather is too cool outside to feel comfy with the pit-patting.

The food… not too bad. Even when the food is rich and heavy I am hardly eating any of it but loading up on the veggies. I got silly at Fitbloggin’ with the travel but even one night when I ordered late night food I had 1/2 a hamburger and left most of my fries. Another night I gave away my fries that came with a grilled cheese I ordered. I have been a rock star in refusing empty calories even when they are free from sponsors at events I am participating with. Note, I also did not try any new PopChip flavors at Fitbloggin. Yesterday I went to IKEA with the family and got the meatball/split pea soup combo. I ate all the soup, gave away 1/2 my meatballs and did not touch the chocolate cake hubby and baby boy wiped out. Piece of cake (pun) in making those choices.

All right lovelies reading this. Thank you for your support. I hope your life is not a struggle these days. My wish is that you are rocking your world out in your calm. xoxo

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  1. Fantastic job with the resisting temptations! You are an inspiration to be surrounded by all that food & being able to say no.

  2. Girl you make me calm. Great post. I hope you have a wonderful time in Fl. You are super busy but sound very fulfilled. Love it!

    Take care!!

  3. Leaving behind part of your meal is a big deal! It’s a great deal, we live with this guilt of wasted food, but the fact is our bodies do not need the serving sizes we are being given!!!

    1. capta$$kicker says: Reply

      Portion sizes are nuts these days, especially when you get lesser quality food.

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