Fitcation 12 Vlog Wrap-Up

Special guest in my vlawg today.  The goddess behind Mamavation and Fitcation, Leah.


My time in L.A. was fun.  I had a bomb-diggity roommate in Pamela M. Kramer.  I saw a number of return faces like Megan, Angela, Lena, Amanda, Shelley and Leah.  And I got to be better acquainted with members of Mamavation and special guests.

Our accomodations were PLUSH! The Four Seasons Westlake Village and Dole took amazing care of us.

I am only posting this tidbit because my family and I have been loving on each other since I returned. I need to pull a few pics off my cameras and do formal thank you to our sponsors. This is it for now. Priorities

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