Fitcation 12 Preview

Much later today I will meet up with the ladies of Mamavation for their annual retreat FITCATION.  Now excuse the NASCAResque sponsor acknowledgment about to go on but an event like this cannot happen without a lot of help.  These companies need to be thanked.

I was invited this year as their yoga instructor.  I suppose a repeat of being their yoga instructor last year too.

This is one POSH Fitcation thanks to the crazy generosity of their sponsors.    First off we are being hosted thanks to

Dole is our big underwriter, thus we are staying at the Four Seasons Westlake Village that is also host to the California Health and Longevity Institute (CHLI).  On Friday our group will tour Dole and CHLI and I cannot wait to do a blog recap of what these entities are doing.  Trust me in that it is more than pineapples.  I am looking forward to better getting to know them myself.

Two more sponsors that I LOVE due to prior relationships with them are New Balance and Sip Certified.  As a matter of fact I packed THREE articles of clothing from the New Balance Anue Collection including their Bodhi Pant as well as a shirt and hat from Sip the Good Life.  I regularly wear these items in my vlogs and while I am being active in my life.

This week we will also be getting active with Hoopnotica and Fit Body Bootcamp.  I have been seeing Hoopnotica everywhere with their presence at Wanderlust (yoga + music festivals) and the recent Olympics – it looks fun.  The Fit Body Bootcamps seem to be everywhere too with a lot of locations around the country.

As a group we are also getting extra “support” from Leading Lady bras as well love from Subway.

So now that you have seen the sponsors do you want to know what we are doing?  We will be moving, learning from our sponsors and motivational speakers, eating healthy meals, and most of all – enjoying life!

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