probiotic craziness



Here is the Probiotics 101 piece I mentioned that was on NPR today. Basically there is no conclusive evidence regarding their efficacy or which strains work best – but I am riding this train to avoid the possibility of whooping cough.

Beyond the other reason I mentioned in my vlog I also have an IronGirl tri in two weeks and I gotta say that the ickiness in my respiratory system from the CO fires smoke and this stress – I am not feeling super confident today about my abilities.  It will be fun though.  Above all I need to get some sleep.  These last few days have not been doing it for me.

Check back here on Wednesday – I will be publishing my FIRST bi-monthly podcast wrapping up health, wellness, and green stories in the news.  I am trying to make something that you can download and listen to on your commute or your time at the gym.

One more thing – I mentioned a petition for wildland firefighters to be able to access federal health insurance a week or two ago. A Denver representative, Congresswoman Diane DeGette, learned of this situation and is working on a bill in the hopes that both major political parties will work to make it a reality.  WOOHOO! Imagine… a petition actually resulting in something.  I am super jazzed.


 Do you listen to podcasts? Which are your favorites?

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  1. thats awesome that things are going your way, i hope you get feeling better hugs

  2. Hugs – feel so bad for you. I am sorta happy I didn’t come to see you with your coughing thing 🙁
    Anyway, excited for you to start trying and can’t wait to give you a huge bear hug in person

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