Good Belly Happy Hour

Last week I was invited to a really special treat by the people of Good Belly.  I want to thank them and the other companies they worked with to bring the event together.  Good Belly is a probiotic supplement and are part of the Boulder community.  I have walked by the Rembrandt Yard gallery many times and seen their offices on the sunken first floor – it is hallmarked by empty Good Belly cartons lining the windows.  You cannot miss it.  Good Belly was kind enough to invite a group of bloggers to attend a casual affair with food at Shine and introductions of the crowd then some information on the company.  They know a lot of us live in the area and wanted to take our conversations away from the internet.  It was a night of basic community building.

Good Belly Represent
Learning fun tidbits about Good Belly and our gut bacteria content. Yay beneficial bacteria!

Not only were the bloggers amassed impressive but so was the Good Belly staff.  There were laughs and a lot of networking with like-minded people wanting wellness and information to reach our audiences. We munched on yummy snacks and enjoyed one another’s company.

At the end of the night Good Belly sent us home with some goodies they provided as well as other local companies that complement each other in the marketplace.

I am missing the Gaiam TV product – yep, they are nearby as well and brought some super awesome people to play.

Now you all know I can’t eat a lot of this because of my sugar cane allergy, this included the Good Belly product pictured here… but Good Belly does have an unsweetened shots version of their product I can have.  My family recently pumped up our probiotic intake in addition to our raw milk with Good Belly prior to our vacation in the PNW last month.  I wanted to be extra sure we didn’t get sick.

I sent my husband off to work with the granola and cereals pictured above.  However he has to eat those soon because due to some news he got recently he has to go on a very restricted diet for a while.  I’ll talk more about that in another post in the near future.  For now enjoy Boogs.  I love Celestial Seasonings and enjoy their cafeteria at least once a month.  I have some myChelle products and am still deciding how much I like them for me.  mmLocal – enough said, canned goods.  I LOVE LARABAR – readers of my blog know this.  We are a big Justin’s Nut Butter house – the individual packets are a go-to travel joy for my son (we do grind our own at the store for other use).  I am also a fangirl of Gaiam (and have also chowed at their cafeteria too) – see their site for a free 10-day trial for Gaiam TV. My husband loves Cascadian Farm cereals and bars.  The Earth Balance coconut and peanut butter spread will be new to me.  The bulumu granola new to my husband.

My husband and I chose this area for many reasons including food access to fresh, whole foods and what our local companies have to offer us.  We are lucky that we had this choice.

If you are curious about probiotics and Good Belly you can take part of their 12-day challenge where they will send you coupons for product.  They know that many people will experience an improvement in digestive and overall health in this trial period.  If you are curious then sign up for the challenge – you can’t lose in this situation.

 FTC Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this post, this was all my own doing and all my own opinions.

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