Diva Dash Done


It was a fun race coming off a HOT and low-energy number of weeks. My strength is definitely there with lifting objects and not being too winded to keep going after. I am looking forward to some FUN races coming up in August and September.

My August will consist of camping and backpacking, yoga (as teacher and student), leading yoga at Mamavation’s Fitcation in L.A., then an 80s Retro Run with Black Girls Run. Let the good times begin!

Tomorrow night I will be a special guest on Mamavation TV to discuss GMO’s and California’s Proposition 37 attempting to have GMO labeling on pre-packaged foods. As a grad student I was allowed to deviate into food supply issues with some projects and dove into this in terms of human health and natural resource management. I am looking forward to the discussion we will have. Join me at 8 PM MST.

My week is going to be pretty chill at home I am hoping. I have one project to be working on for a non-profit but am really wanting to get some organizing finished with this last full week of mercury in retrograde. If things work out I will start my personal training certificate study next week as reward for getting some sh*t done.

The food front is funny these days here. My hubby is still detoxing but blurted out today he is sick of meat. I had to rethink our meal plan. The funny thing is that with his detox and what I have been wanting to eat there have been many meals where the three of us are eating different things, but still eating together.

Have a great week everyone. Please let me know if you have any Prop 37 and/or GMO questions.

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  1. Great job on the race, can’t wait to see you on mamavation tv tonight!

  2. Thanks for the GMO information that you will be sharing. Awesome job on your race!

  3. Love your blog. So excited that you had fun on Sunday. I am curious, do you have a budget for races. I just get a sticker shock from every single one. Loved seeing your face (I did a vlog too, but can’t really edit it, since I am still without a computer – Grrr). Have an awesome week – looking forward to seeing you tonight

    1. capta$$kicker says: Reply

      #1 – I hardly EVER spend money on races. I am sponsored for most, do work exchange by volunteering at other races for some, or jump on a good group buying coupon when I see one. A lot of the “gimmicky” ones cost bank and I am way too frugal for that. I will part with money if they support a spectacular cause and a good portion of the proceeds go to that cause.

      #2 – I have been super lazy with my vlogs lately. I send them to youtube directly from my phone lately. This is why they have been lacking intros and contact information. I can go back in youtube to edit but have not even been doing that.

  4. Love seeing you!! Congrats on the Diva Dash and enjoy your upcoming month. I love camping but it doesn’t fit well with a full farming schedule.

    Ugh.. the food front is always tedious for us. In my extended family there were 5 different diets floating around from S. Beach to Vegan to Pku… so hard to find commonalities with everyone & keep everybody happy. Best of luck. I didn’t think you guys were too meat heavy to begin with? I identify with Flexitarian eating, but usually go vegetarian at home.

    1. capta$$kicker says: Reply

      We are not usually too meat heavy at home but for the past 3 1/2 weeks my husband has weaned out gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine and alcohol in an attempt to see if there are any food triggers with his sinus issues. After another week and a half he will weave them back in individually to check for reactivity. After the first week he was pretty sluggish with his limited diet and the person he is working with suggested I pile him with animal protein so he has pretty much been paleo for a couple of weeks and is grossed out by it.

  5. So excited to see you on Mamavation TV tonight. Love CO, wish we were moving there soon.
    Glad you are starting to feel better and do more. The retro run sounds like it will be fun!

  6. Thanks so much for being our guest tonight. I can’t wait to talk about these scary GMOs!

  7. I wish I could have been at the show on Monday, I’m sure it was awesome and very informative! Sounds like you have a busy month coming, have a great time with it!

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