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It has been an interesting week here. My niece and her husband visited us last week and it was a total blast to cook for two vegetarians for the week – veg cooking comes so much easier to me than meat cooking. We also ran around this town and were silly including doing the Driving Beat Tour.

The end of their visit hallmarked a few things for us here:

1. I am officially off of all alcohol and caffeine for a while.

2. My husband is doing the cleanse his acupuncturist recommended to deal with his allergies… no sugar, gluteny, dairy, alcohol and caffeine.

My husband has had a rough few days with withdrawls and headaches from the caffeine and sugar. Poor thing. He is hanging in there though. For me it is no big deal – I do not drink much caffeine and the alcohol has seriously waned since I pretty much binged during the month of May with some partying in an attempt to avoid the drama with my mother and moving her to Colorado.

Want to see what I made my hubby for breakfast on Saturday? Cashew Caradamom Raw Vegan Chia Pudding. It was pretty darn good.

This week is gonna be good. I have some work to do and two projects to finish. I am aiming to use the start of this mercury retrograde to clean my closet and office – get things minimized and tidy. In reality i will be a typical Virgo with my pragmatic planning and an introvert to housekeep my personal and goal-setting space.

I am still drained from all that body-fighting pertussis nonsense and what not so am not feeling too eager for the sprint triathlon I have this Sunday. If anything I’ll go pretty slow and not stress about a crappy time. It will be fun. That is the big thing.

Lastly with being a to-do list Virgo I am going over my ACE Personal Training bundle to figure out exactly when I want to start this course to be a certified personal trainer. Personal trainer and yoga instructor – I feel good knowing that I have a positive impact with my clients.

Are any of you doing that private space house-cleaning this mercury retrograde as well?

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  1. I’m with ya Kia cooking Veggies is alot easier for me than meats. But lately I’ve been noticing I crave less and less red meats and polutry and more Fish and Veggies. I have been dry for 2 weeks now, I noticed I was drinking alot more than I thought I was especially durring my parents visit with us. I know you will do awesome with your Personal Training and I am so looking forward to Sunday Yoga at Fitcation 🙂

  2. monica young says: Reply

    Good luck with the cleanse. They are not easy, but you do feel energized.

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