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This has been a harsh summer for Colorado. I have asked for prayers before with our fires and the killing of a beloved Denver Police officer recently. I am asking for you to regard my home one more time. Last night a gunman committed an act of domestic terrorism and assaulted a packed movie theater for a midnight screening of the Dark Knight Rises. At least a dozen victims have died and dozens more are scattered at area hospitals.

Please regard victims and loved ones in your kind thoughts. The next 24 hours are crucial for those fighting for their lives. Please also regard uninjured movie-goers and emergency response personnel who may suffer from PTSD as we move away from this latest tragedy.

This is not a time for politics, finger-pointing, questioning of parenting styles for having a 3-month old in the theater and all the other kinds of things people feel free to say with the desensitized anonymity of the internet. Please, please have some common sense and either offer support or shut your mouths.

If you want to do more then give blood to your communities – I last donated in late June. Our local Bonfils is currently looking for O-, A-, and platelet donors for further response to this tragedy but always needs the supply replenished. Make an appointment for next week if you do not fit this profile or make a monetary donation to this non-profit.

I was awake before 2 am and was riveted to the 9 News live video stream as the night carried on. I am proud of the 9 News team, CBS News team and Denver Post for working to provide verified information as people were reaching for any updates through social media. I am proud of the response personnel for getting people away from the theater, taking caution with the suspect’s booby-trapped apartment, using care to reunite anxious loved ones after the mass debriefing, and the medical facilities for having plans in place to have handled mass triage with grace.

Aurora is close to my home. It is directly east of Denver. It is the home of the Anschutz Health and Wellness facility my blog talks about. That medical campus actually has two hospitals victims were taken to. Aurora is where I sometimes run with Black Girls Run Denver. It is about 10 minutes due east of where I live via freeway. It is part of my community. These kinds of tragedies are parts of all of our communities.

Be grateful for these moments you have right now and please send love out into the world.

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  1. Very heavy heart reading this. Praying for the families of victims, and everyone touched by this tragedy. May everyone be brought closer together as a unified front of love and support to each person affected.

  2. I have a special place in my heart for the areas surrounding Denver. We will be keeping you and your community in our prayers as well as those that are involved in this senseless tragedy.

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