prAna Cherry Creek Spotlight + giveaway

I am lucky to live where I do, Colorado is a pretty special place. My husband and I chose this area for a healthy lifestyle that includes activity and access to recreation. It is because of this lifestyle that clothing and recreation companies thrive here. PrAna clothing opened their second Colorado retail location earlier this month in the Cherry Creek area of Denver.  I toured the store and would like to offer my readers an outfit giveaway from this forward-thinking company.

The new Cherry Creek location was built and modeled with the help of local repurposing artist Joe Levy.  The wood above the service counter is from a barn deconstructed from back east, the planters outside the store entrance are a marvel to look at, the fusion of wood and metal reverberate through the location from shelving to wall art to unique lighting by the dressing rooms.

One aspect of the store is the adaptability of the space to serve multiple functions.  The retail space behind the counter converts into a studio where product is moved and walls extend to create a room for yoga and other physical disciplines.  In keeping with the mind for community involvement these classes are made free to the public and taught by qualified instructors.

One community aspect I like of this store is in the management choices.  PrAna chose an employee who has experience in opening stores in the area with a past resume including the opening of the Apple store in the nearby mall.  He is familiar with the neighborhood and looking to continue the prAna direction of involvement with neighbors and like-minded causes.  Later this summer you will see this store be part of Yoga Rocks the Park as well as closer endeavors for the public.  See their June schedule for a glance of what they are up to

The basis of this company is the clothing.  It is meant to be functional for active, mindful people so you will see it on rock climbers, pilates enthusiasts, yogis, and on people just hanging out because it is rather stylish.

I looked mostly at the women’s clothing but believe me, they carry a men’s line too.  My husband actually seems to have a number of articles from prAna including pants he wears to the office as well as his favorite wicking tee for workouts.

The company is looking at their mindful practices with how they deliver an end-product to the consumer.  They are developing more organic cotton products and are working with their overseas production facilities to ensure fair trade practices.

The new prAna store is at 105 Fillmore Street in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver.  I urge you to stroll on in for a free class and to shop to familiarize yourself with this company.  They were also kind enough to offer one my readers an outfit of the Quinn Chakara top and Mackenzie Knicker in any size and color combo of the winner’s choosing.

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Disclosure – I was not financially compensated for this post but will be receiving a top and pant like the giveaway winner. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. I don’t think they make the EXACT same kind of pants, but I took a couple of pairs of their cargo pants – one very similar to the Kelly Capri – with me when I spent 2 weeks in Paraguay building a house with Habitat for Humanity. They were PERFECT for working in – light and stretchy, comfortable, but cute, too! And also perfect for touring Iguazu falls in! That was 2008, and I still own both pairs.

  2. I’m thinking that Quinn Chakara is actually pretty rockin, but I also love the Mandie Hoodie! Awesome.

  3. I kinda love that top and pants! (oh wait, their knickers)

    1. capta$$kicker says: Reply

      ha ha, yeah… knickers – makes me think of Dickens

  4. Knickers. Knickers knickers knickers. (Right now, the Crissy knickers.) All I want is a pair of capris I can skate in and do other stuff good too in. Is that so much to ask for???

  5. I’m totally nuts over the Crissy top. I own the Mahdia Isis pant, too, and you couldn’t pry them off me if you tried!

    I’m a HUGE fan of prAna. Great company, great clothes!

  6. Wow- the new store sounds awesome! I live in Maryland but visit Colorado often (and hope to move there SOON!) and have drooled over everything in the Boulder store many times. I will definitely be visiting the new store when I’m there in July! I have way too many prAna dresses (it’s a slight addiction!) and my husband loves the men’s clothing. I LOVE the Quinn dresses, but have yet to buy a Quinn top! It’s SO cute!

  7. I have always loved the look of the clothes, but don’t think I’ve owned any before. Would live to change that!:)

    1. I didn’t read direction well, did I? 🙂 I really like the Sasha top in meadowbrook blue.

  8. I love the Harlow dress!!

  9. Love these! So cute.

  10. Everything. OK, OK, I liked the kai knicker and the rylee knicker. OH and they have dresses….I might be over there a while…

  11. Must have the Leyla in lavender. The right color and the right letter? MINE!!

  12. I like the Mikayla top. Thanks!

  13. I’m totally gaga about the Mahdia Isis Pant and the Crissy tank – SO cute.

  14. I love the Spiral Tee in Spinach. It ia awesome. Thanks for the chance!

  15. I’m pretty gaga over the laynie knickers!

  16. Seaside dress- looks great for Spring and Summer.

  17. Since it’s too hard to pick one prAna item to love, I think Ambassador Jacinda Hunter seems particularly kick-ass. I want that climbing ability!

  18. I like the Eloise top.

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  20. monica young says: Reply

    I like the savvy skirt, so cute

  21. Oh my gosh I LOVE the Jessa Top or the Crissy Tank – They’re so cute!

  22. I love Shiva Rea. She has such great energy!!!

  23. I like the Simone Maxi Dress.

  24. Love Chris Sharma–so inspiring to see such a talented climber so passionate about the sport!

  25. I love the Mary Jane tank!

  26. I LOVE prAna… Love the Quinn top, Mikayla Top, and the Audrey Knickers!!! 🙂 Would love any of the clothing for so so comfy and fun clothing. 🙂

  27. I just bought a prAna dress and pair of pants. The woman at the cash register (NOT a Prana store — another retailer) said, “This is your first time owning prAna? That’s like blasphemy in Boulder!” Ha! True, true. I just bought my first prAna gear and it carried me through this past weekend of alligator-wrasslin’, sand-dune-climbing, 14’r-summiting, and all around merrymaking. I didn’t expect to be overly impressed, but I’m totally in love with prAna wear.

    Also – I think it’s awesome that they hired for people who know the local market/community/vibe. That’s impressive. Thanks, Kia, for giving a little insider’s scoop on the new store! 🙂

  28. Definitely a toss up between the Marli skirt in Plum and the Simone maxi dress. Beautiful, original clothes!

  29. I totally LOVE the Crissy Skort! The pockets on it would really come in handy.

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