Want to learn more about non-toxic household cleaning supplies? Thanks to Kalso Earth Shoes I get to do something cool with ALL of you.

See my post about the synergistic effectsof chemical cocktails regarding how hard their combinations are to regulate thus know exactly what they are doing to our health.  I am fortunate to have been raised in a not-so-wealthy family that dove into depression-era ecology many families are facing in this current recession. When we are mindful of our resources it can be easier to focus on what we consume and how we consume it.  Out of this economic downturn I think we can be greener by turning to the effective ways our great-grandmothers cleaned back in the day.  I grew up like this and carried this way of living through commune life, my hippie-esque undergrad, and now my sweet little family.
My goal is to help facilitate my community to learn how to use non-toxic, everyday household items to clean our homes. We will reduce the overall toxicity we come in contact with, ease our wallets by not buying so many cleaners and help those we come in contact with think about their wallets and health.
I will host 3 FREE non-toxic household cleaning workshops (supplies and snacks provided) in the Greater Denver Area in APRIL. Please contact me if you would like an invitation. I will also be creating a .pdf guide for those of you unable to attend a workshop.  All this is possible due to the generosity of Kalso Earth Shoes and their Project Earth Day Community Scholarships – my little Bodhi Bear site was lucky enough to be chosen.
Please be so kind as to thank Kalso for me. Mention Bodhi Bear and Non-Toxic Household Cleaning on their Twitter and Facebook channels. They are also supporting a
For the fun of it I found this little vlog my husband and I shot while on vacation last August in a rented condo in the mountains.  I wondered if this was how most people lived – it was too much for me with all the specialty chemical products stored on shelves in the kitchen.

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