Vday Love and Love of Running

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  What a great day. My husband made me a simple valentine cut from construction paper with the sweetest words written on it – he gets me. We bought a Lorax coloring book for our toddler (20 months) and I made him a strawberry-banana protein smoothie and personalized pancake.

The toddler and I will get our run on today – the sun is shining and there is more snow melt than ice on the roads and streets.  We will have time to pit-pat before I need to take off to get some work done.  In an ode to us pulling out the jogging stroller for the first time in like 2 weeks (a lot of snow here!) here is my top 10 of why I love running…

10. Great excuse to see the sunrise when the world is quiet

9. Nice place to see the seasons changing

8. Place to challenge myself – truly me against me

7. Zero guilt about alcoholic beverages if I have been staying consistent

6. Choice to keep it cheap or blow the bank on fun toys and races

5. Cute clothes

4. Trails – I live right up against the Rocky Mountains

3. Pretty awesome community of peers

2. Strong legs and core are cool

1. GRATITUDE that my body can move like this


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