Polar Challenge with LeVar

I am a new 2012 Polar heart rate monitor ambassador and in such want to hook my friends up as much as a I can while spreading the gospel of heart rate monitor training.  I have been brand loyal to Polar since 2004 and am a fan of Phil Maffetone (the godfather of heart rate training).  In letting others know about Polar products and what they can do for you I asked my good friend LeVar to partner with me for a challenge among other Polar ambassadors and their partners.  Challenges are a fun part of the Polar Personal Trainer site that is complimentary to the community that uses Polar products.

I will go into the nuances of the products and site at another time but for now I want you to meet me and LeVar.

We have about 75 days in our challenge to burn calories – pure and simple.  My goal is to drop some weight but more importantly build my endurance to prepare for summer events.  LeVar’s goal is to drop weight.  With the Polar watches we have we are take fitness tests that work with heart rate as we are active and the watches then audibly help us realize if we are training in a fat burning zone or performing maximizing zone. The watches are a tool to be more efficient with how we use our bodies.

For LeVar this will be an interesting 75 days as he works to develop more consistent eating habits to eat breakfast, eat consistently through the day, and cut back on the alcohol. I know the fat is going to melt right off of his midsection. He has no need to get silly with a strict diet but we did sit down to meal plan in an effort to make this living transition as easy and enjoyable as possible. He is already being an animal and geek with seeing data from his watch. When I saw him he had burned 850+ kCal and was determined to hit 1,000 before the day was over. We will check in with him in a couple of weeks when the novelty of the watch has worn off and the pressure from social obligations gets stronger. We will see where he will be standing with his priorities.

In the last couple of weeks I have gone through 2 watches learning how to use them.  My FT60 was super easy to set up and even came up with a training plan based on my goals.  I did not have a flow link to easily add data to the Polar Personal Trainer site and was in the works of getting a more complex watch (RCX5) as I am training for some triathlons for the year and this is a more suitable watch to collect data in between training disciplines.  The sad thing is that when I got the RCX5 and did my fit test I was in the middle of cold and sinus issue. My fitness at that moment was sad.

However it is Monday – the last bit of illness are almost gone and I am back on the slow and steady train to get some calories burned. Now I just have to catch up to LeVar because he is killing it with the numbers he is racking up.

For FTC disclosure purposes this is not a paid, prompted, or requested post. I am a Polar Ambassador and with this program I am comped watches and gear but with no obligation to post about them on this site. As my partner for this challenge LeVar was given a Polar FT40 and Flowlink with no obligation to vlog or blog. All of these opinions are my own.

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  1. Just about to order one. Started a boot camp today and my instructor suggested them.

    1. Awesome! Heart rate monitor training really is a great way to be efficient about what your body is doing. It is almost excruciating in the beginning as you are essentially training your heart as a muscle. Slow and steady definitely is the way to go – I hope you enjoy your watch once you get it!

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