move like the internet never existed

My only resolution this year was to dance more.  Perhaps that has served as a metaphor just to put myself out there more and enjoy my actions rather than succumbing to that judgmental nuisance who resides in the back of my mind.  Anyway I did dance a bit this week.

one of this week's highlights - ice castle visit with friends and family

This week I went to my first Friday Night Yoga Club of the season.  It was a packed house at a studio I have never been to with two amazing instructors leading the party and the musician I had come to see (he was the big reason I chose this event for this night) playing JOKES in between his sitar riffs.  It was fun to move and just be.  I could have been all self-conscientious about not being able to gracefully get into crow because my body is still not in top form form the back/hip/knee stuff from September.  I could have been living with negativity since before I got hurt I had just returned to rocking my unassisted handstand push-up.  Nah – it was fun to just fall into my body and enjoy how I could move that night.

The day before I had just seen my chiropractor after a run.  Her and I are working to get my body strong and aligned to the point where I can plan some training and events without uncertainty if my pain will be chronic.

I stuck to our food planning consistently the past two weeks (including a CARB FEST on Saturday while out with friends and being tricked by my body preparing for my cycle – I had a Chipotle burrito and two coffee drinks).  This week’s food plan is over-the-top as my husband and I plan a nice week celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and our anniversary (that we intentionally tie together – much gratitude this week, much celebration with food and action).

I recently joined the Black Girls Run group here in Denver and plan to make it to their training runs.  I also plan to head to the weekly Irish Snug (Thurs night) training runs.  I believe both groups have runs on my running days (T, R, S, and U).  This weekend the Black Girls Run group is also having a non-running gathering to kick off the year.  I can’t wait to meet these ladies – I think I saw some of this group at the Skirt Chaser 5K last year, they were AWESOME!

Here is to a great week for everyone – living with intention and enjoying this life.  Tomorrow I will post some video I shot after my Friday yoga class.  Let’s talk meditation and calming down crazy monkey minds!


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  1. You are my hero! Living with pain is no fun. Love your resolution to dance more/let go. Sounds like you are making great plans to keep moving forward 🙂

  2. Great resolution! Love the picture you shared!

  3. Wonderful pictures, I love your eating plan! I plan dinner, but other meals are still of the “fly by the seat of my pants” type.

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