Judy Collins and the Fist Bump

This past Monday night the Tattered Cover bookstore was hosting iconic songstress Judy Collins in support of her new book Sweet Judy Blue Eyes.  This night will be memorable for a long time.

You need to understand I grew up with my parents playing folk on vinyl.  Judy Collins’ music has been part of the anthem of my childhood.  My father and I went to hear her talk (and surprisingly serenade the crowd intermittently while she was on the microphone).  She talked about this book and her history contained within the memoir as well as timely topics like Adele’s vocal cord surgery, Lady Gaga’s talent and deserved fame, as well as FCC history regarding how artists are not paid for their contribution to terrestrial air waves.

I was enamoured with her before but can confirm that my respect for her grace, wit, humor, and beauty are cemented after the lovely presentation she did for those in attendance.

My father surprised me and had her sign her autobiography for me after he exchanged some thankful words to her for her body of work.  Then next in the signing line was my son and husband so she could autograph her newest children’s book for Bodhi (When You Wish Upon a Star(.

She was then sweet enough to reach over the table and give my son the obligatory fist bump he offered her.

What a gracious woman.  Thank you Judy for making yourself available to your fans.  And thank you Tattered Cover for hosting authors – you are an awesome independent bookstore.

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