24 january fitness update

VLOGGITY VLOG BLOG and big props to Kimberly, Amanda, Kate, and Angela who are taking us Mamavation ladies on this big ride we call campaign 7.

You heard me blab.  This week has been pretty good. P90X’d 5 days, ran 2 days.  I want to focus on running more with a 10K I love happening in 127 days and I have a qualifying 5K before that.

On my run yesterday I dragged the baby and the husband out with me.  Even though the weather turned we had a great time.  We have been having a lot of fun this week with our 3rd anniversary celebrations.  On Saturday night we went out on the town and left the baby with a non-family member for the first time and it went well.  It really made me realize what the reality of being away from Bodhi and my husband for a few days at a time will be like in an odd way.  I plan to travel for a few events this year and at least one backpacking trip.  As a family I know we can handle it well.

Sunday has been a fun day. I have been close to home.  I have been food prepping for the week and meal planning.  My husband has a hard time when I want to sit down to meal plan even after a nice homemade brunch.  Today after much “struggle” I asked my husband to make a list of his favorite foods instead of planning meals.  It took a lot of the complexity he hates out of meal planning and still made him part of the process.  We also had a wonderfully constructive discussion about how we like to eat and what constitutes “heavy” foods vs. “light” ones and which he would prefer. I am happy with how we checked-in with each other today about our diets and planning.

So this week for breakfast I am playing with green smoothies, sprouted wheat bagels w/ almond butter, and hot grain cereal.  For lunch I’ll mostly do leftover dinner and green smoothies.  For dinner:

Sunday: turkey meatballs, roasted red pepper sauce, pasta, broccoli

Monday: some sort of bean and sweet potato combo meal + salad

Tuesday: turkey pot pie (for my hubby to heat up since I will not be home) + salad

Wednesday: avocado rolls w/ brown rice, ginger grilled chicken, miso soup

Thursday: channa saag and brown rice

Friday: turkey, rice, veggie Soup

Saturday: southwest quinoa black bean salad (I will post recipe since I get asked a lot)

**as a note there is a lot of turkey because I recently roasted a turkey with the purpose to portion and freeze as a cost effective way to have more lean animal protein at our ready

For exercise this week I will run when I can, P90X at least the pylo, yoga (working on my vision board goals), and possibly hit the pool if I feel like it.  I also have a tentative hike planned with @eatplaylove, a local blogger I love to pieces, who is aiming for 200 hikes this year and invited me and Bodhi to one.  It is tentative due to the weather.

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  1. LOL @ “poop like clockwork” Me too sister!

    I always love watching your vlogs! Thanks for the shoutout!! Your meal plan for this week looks awesome. My mouth is watering!!!

  2. What is YOUR green smoothie recipe? I’m going to have to try one, sooner rather than later! That is wonderful that you and your husband meal plan together(we do too!).

    I hope the weather stays in check for your hike!

  3. I so want to invite myself over for dinner! I see Saag on your menu. Loved mine last week. Will do that again soon. I also have miso soup on tap for this week. It is one of my guilty (or not) pleasure foods. I am pairing it with a wakame and cucumber salad along with veggie rolls.

    I love your approach to meal planning. I will have to try that with my DH. I plan, and he wants to stay out of it. Truly I want his input, but it is like pulling teeth. Thanks for the inspiration! Have a fabulous week.

  4. Wow what a view… Love the pic.

    Love your yummy meals… and a good idea about the turkey. Something I need to consider.

    Thanks for stopping by and for the good advice.

  5. You video still looks warmer than Chicago. Hope you’re doing a better P90X week or activity week for that matter. Thank You for the encouragement last week

  6. You are SUCH an inspiration!! I just need to pop over here more often to get motivated and give me the kick I need. HUGS

  7. THANK YOU for posting your weekly menu! That is great for someone who is always looking for new ideas… Hubs and I tend to get into a rut and I appreciate a healthy eater posting their ideas! *muah*.

    Glad you and your yours were able to communicate well about your food preferences and what works for you. Something that shouldn’t be hard and can be fun can really be stressful!

  8. You crack me up! And I always find you and your blog so inspirational 🙂 Sounds like you have a lot on your plate with the upcoming 10k and qualifying race (along with P90X and everything else!) I also hit the week 3 P90X slump… mine was pure exhaustion. Hoping the recovery week will help rejuvenate me.

    Will you be sharing your vision board goals? Is this related to yoga? Not sure what they are, but it sounds really interesting.

    I love meal planning, and usually don’t involve my husband too much (he’s a picky eater, so I pretty much know what he likes). I just stocked up on all the goods to make chili & cornbread tomorrow 🙂 I’m looking forward to that black bean quinoa salad recipe!

  9. Where is all your snow? lol Guess I need to vlog next week. woohoo on your body fat % going down. Be smart and listen to your body. I need to sit my husband down to tell me the yes food so I can streamline the food plan. Great idea!

  10. good luck with the new fitness program, love the new blog very nice layout. thanks for the encouragement good luck with the marathon you are going to rock it

  11. Hey lady! Love the new blog layout and all the changes you’ve made. It feels like it has been forever…

    Anyway, good luck with all of your activities ~ I know you can achieve anything you set your mind to do.

  12. Okay, I would LOVE to know what you do with a whole turkey. I’ve got one sitting in the deep freeze and I have no idea what to do with it. I’d love to know how you make turkey meatballs out of it! It would be so nice to use that thing before it goes bad.

  13. Love the new look of the blog. Good job with P90X and running. Do you use a Flip to VLOG? I need to figure out a easy way to transfer files to my Mac.

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