Six months ago I became a mom. When he was in the womb I would often tell him he already had some responsibilities to this family. Back then they were to grow, prep for delivery and to avoid pinching his umbilical cord. Well he still has responsibilities to us that are as important as ours are to him. They mostly revolve around him eating, growing, sleeping, and learning. When he fusses it is mostly from being tired and we tell him his basic needs are met and to be patient if he does need something because we will not let him down.

There has been a nice interdependency in our home through this system. We all contribute, and we all benefit.

At this point he seems to be content and is growing well. He laughs and smiles a good deal. When we weighed him last night in his sleeper and diaper he was 19 pounds and 6 oz. He has his 6 month appointments next week to double-check his kidneys as well as general check-up and vaccinations.

He is still bewbie powered although he is exploring food. Pinto beans, black beans, and lentils seem to be his favorite foods. He also likes avocado, banana, kale, spinach, tomatoes, grapefruit, apple, clementine, banana peppers, potatoes, pumpkin, chicken, beef, and most herbs. He also has a sippy cup to explore with that has a little water in. I suppose on a related note he is still cloth diapered. He has not been in a ‘sposie yet and I am pondering exactly what to do when he starts going to the pool for lessons soon.

He has a Phil & Ted’s MeToo chair that he uses at home and in public. It attaches to a table and I call it the “great equalizer.” It sits him at tables with everyone else and he hangs with us at coffee shops if we are on our laptops, at restaurants for meals, and at friends homes if we are doing projects around a table. We still wear him a lot although for me that transition to back wearing will be here soon. You see I am short and he is growing really fast. His pops can still front wear him with ease though.

He has been playing with toys now too. He doesn’t just put them in his mouth to explore. He still jabs his Sophie the Giraffe in there for his gums. However he seems to make his MC Chomp stuffed gator dance like I do when we have dance parties and the same with his Toxic Dog rubber pooch my dad gave him. He also likes to jump in his Jumperoo, we make all kinds of Michael Flatley jokes about him.

He is still a social little bugger. Last week I was working at an event while my dad watched him. He slept the whole time so when I got home I scooped him up to take him to an after party. He loves attention and doesn’t make too much noise yet so it is still relatively easy to take him anywhere. He also talks a good deal.

I am grateful to have been doing a 365 project with him because I do have pictures of the journey so far. Every day since birth. He will only continue to grow and it is exciting to watch his development. Next up will be crawling. It will be here very soon. He also has great neck control now to go on runs with me. I am taking the jogging stroller in for a tune-up and then vroom-vroom. He will begin classes soon with us for sign-language at the yoga studio I work at next month as well as a water awareness class at the local rec center. We are still learning a good deal from him as he explores his world.

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  1. Adorable!! Love it. Thanks!

  2. Cloth Swim Diapers! They worked awesome for us! They are basically just a PUL cover. (Which we also used from time to time when we hit the pool.) I mean, the sposies really don’t keep any fluids out of the water, you just need something there to catch the solids if they appear! Love the update, he is so healthy and happy! 🙂

  3. He looks like such a good baby! I can’t take my Greedy Baby to the restaurants. She causes a loud scene.

  4. I was just coming to say the same thing Kimberly said, Cloth swim diapers are great, we used them with all the kiddos. Check around this time of the year you might find some pretty good deals on them.

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