mamavation monday 12 july 2010

This is easily my vainest vlog…

When I mention intention I just want to remind everyone to put your goals out there. Or at least be clear with them in your mind no matter how vain or noble they are.

The biggest example of knowing your intention that could seem insignificant at first is in your intention to move. Over a year ago I heard a story on NPR’s Morning Edition where a study was done between hotel maids who had to use stairs to do their work and carry equipment like vacuum cleaners. Some considered this work exercise and some did not. The ones who did not think they were exercising did not reap the benefits of exercise. It is a cool story, go to this link to hear the benefits of intention setting even with considering cleaning to be exercise.

I am now 4 weeks post-partum and setting my intention to LOOK GOOD, make my heart rate more efficient, and maximize my joy in my journey. Now I just have to wait a couple of more weeks to add exercise into how I do this. For now I am doing well, balancing few treats into eating consistently well. Resting as much as I can with a newborn. And of course drinking my water.

See you all at the MAMAVATION TWITTER PARTY on Monday night! Good luck to the finalists. I have so much respect for you to publicly go through this kind of campaign XOXO. Let us all make this a stellar campaign!!

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  1. You are SO cute! You are rocking that running skirt… and look fantastic (double bonus look fantastic being only 4 weeks postpartum!!) You go girl. I look forward to following your training (when given the go ahead to resume working out) for your race! 🙂

  2. Momma On The Run says: Reply

    Holy Hot Momma..Your looking fantastic in that skirt. I loved hearing a little about your background. I havent been around long enough to know all the struggles you had to go through. I am 100% sure you will make that goal of looking toned in time for you race. Keep it up!

  3. Doood, you are slimming down very quickly. I'm jealous 😉

  4. You look fantastic and your energy is awesome!! In fact your energy is so contagious!!

    Oh and I agree totally yo already wear that skirt well! You just might have to get a smaller one for your run!!

    I love watching your transformation.

  5. Running Mom says: Reply

    Wow, wow, WOW, I'm so impressed at how quickly you're bouncing back after baby! Once you get the all-clear from your doc, there will be no stopping you! You look so amazingly fantabulous already! I can't wait to follow your training when you are allowed to start exercising again!

    Steph (@stephhamm154)

  6. You are looking great!

  7. Why I love you reason #2657: "Make my heart rate more efficient" What a kick-butt goal!!!

  8. p.s. Way to rock the skort LOL

  9. Umm, 4 weeks post partum!? You look great! I still look 9 mos. pregnant! lol Way to go on fitting into your skirt! You are too cute!
    -Kimberly (@christlikemommy)

  10. Wow you look great! I wish I looked like that at 9 months post partum! Hehe. Love the skort!

  11. You are so awesome!!!! I would kill for your body… literally (who can I kill ROFL)

    I am soooo happy for you sweetie! Your intention is already true and I am so stocked for you! I know you are going to kick butt on that 5k!!!

  12. Damn mama! You look great for 4 weeks pp. Rock that running skort! Im not sure what goal I want to set for myself just yet? I will steal one of your answers though and say I want to maximize my joy of my journey. That I know I want to do. Other than that I dont know? I always look forward to watching your Vlogs, you're so positive and Trish is right your energy is contagious. <3 ya!

  13. You look great!

  14. Kia, you look awesome and positively radiant!! I'm excited to follow your training. You are going to kick butt and take names! Thanks for all your support!

  15. Hi there – I'm a fellow homebirth mama! So nice to meet another one in a roundabout way!

    You are the cutest thing I've ever seen. Amazing story and looking forward to getting to know you better! What?? 4 wks PP?

  16. You are adorable! Love what you say about intention. Something to think about!

  17. You look awesome Kia! You are one hot rocking mama!

  18. Lisa Johnston says: Reply

    Wow Kia! You look HOT GIRL 🙂

    Thank you for vlogging about this, because intention isn't something I've really thought about.. I mean, I haphazardly intend to do a lot of things, but committing to intention is something I've not thought about!

    I will think on that girl!

    You're gonna rock it in that skirt, and you're gonna crush the hubs! 🙂

    LOVE <3

  19. Kia! I love your message on intentions! And I wholeheartedly agree that putting something out into the universe is a valuable step. So here is my intention: I want to be a size 8. Because I know I can be. And it's not an aggressive goal for my body and bec. I constantly say something "less than" so I don't jinx myself. And that's just silly! I also want to be a badass yogi. And by that I mean I want to be consistent and committed to yoga bec. my body feels better when I am. SO THERE IT IS!

    Rock it, sista. You look good.

  20. Girl, you already look good. Love what you wrote here about intention. Food for thought!

  21. Lookin good Kia!!!! 4 weeks already? WOW!! Time flies.

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